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XML (YML) products export "Yandex Market"

Date of creation : 2020-12-22
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XML (YML) products export "Yandex Market"

Various marketplaces such as Yandex.Market are an important resource for online marketing promotion. To place your products on such a resource, you need to generate a special price list. That is why we have created the XML (YML) module for exporting "Yandex.Market" goods.

With it, you on your own, without the help of developers, can generate a link to the price list in XML format, which can be placed in the marketplace. The service will process the price list and create cards for your products in the appropriate categories. Thus, the entire process of transferring goods is as automated as possible and does not take much time.

To process the XML data correctly, the export file contains:

  • general information about your store - name, company name, URL;
  • list of categories;
  • list of goods with pictures, price and description.

With our module, it is easy to generate a link to the price through the admin panel:
Go to Products → Import / Export
Select the required format in the Export tab
Copy and use the resulting link

As a result, you receive orders and relevant transitions from a third-party marketplace, thus expanding the circle of potential buyers.

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