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XML (YML) import

The "Product catalog import (XML)" module allows importing products into your online store using special XML format links provided by suppliers.

The SoloMono team has developed a functionality that enables you to import XML files from suppliers into any chosen category of your online store immediately or at a scheduled time. You also have the ability to select necessary fields for replacement (name, price, quantity, image, attributes) and to set a markup for products.

The "Product catalog import (XML)" module is available on Basic, Turbo Sales, and Pro rental packages.

Before importing products, it is recommended to perform a backup. The "Database backup" module is available on the Pro rental package.

To perform the import, go to the "Products" - "Import/Export" - "Import" - "XML (YML)" page.

On this page, you can either upload an XML file or insert an XML link. To upload an XML file, drag it to the corresponding field or click on this field and select the necessary file in File Explorer.

After adding the file, click "Parameters" to configure the import before uploading.

  • Clear the catalog before the first upload - check if you want your catalog to be cleared before import.
  • Import into category - in this dropdown list, choose which category to import into.
  • Products not in file - in this dropdown list, choose what to do with products that are in your catalog but not in the import file. Such products can be skipped - meaning do nothing with them, you can turn off their status, set as "Not available" or delete from the catalog.
  • Language - in this dropdown list, choose the language of your import.
  • Rewrite non-empty fields for existing products - if you are importing products that are already in your catalog, you can specify whether to change the fields of these products during import, and if so, which ones - name, price, quantity, images, and attributes.
  • Extra price - here you can specify a markup for your products if needed.

After setting up, click "Now" to start the import process.

If you are using an XML link, insert it into the link field, configure by clicking on the "Parameters" button, and start by clicking the "Now" button.

Furthermore, using an XML link, you have the option to schedule an import for the future and thus update your catalog regularly. To do this, click the "Schedule" button after setting up.

You can choose how often to run the import (once an hour or once a day) and set the time for the next run.

After that, click "Schedule" and your import will appear in the "Scheduled Imports" tab.

No more than 5 imports can be scheduled.

If you want to delete a scheduled import - you can do so on this tab by clicking the delete button in the line with the link.

Last updated on: 10/04/2024