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Date of creation : 2018-09-20
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XML Google Sitemaps
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XML Sitemaps or sitemap is an important and useful tool for promoting any website and online store. This is a file that contains links to website pages. Thanks to this, search engines index the Internet directory faster and without errors, which ultimately increases its ranking among competitors.

To automatically generate a sitemap for your store, the Solomono team has created an XML Sitemaps module. After installing it, xml maps of all products, categories, articles, brands, images and seo filters that are on the site will be generated. In addition to links, the files include information about languages ​​and the time of last changes - lastmod. All the necessary information is pulled up automatically and displayed by the link sitemap.xml

Thanks to xml maps:

  • pages will be indexed quickly;
  • errors in indexing online stores with thousands of pages are excluded;
  • search bots will not miss recently added or modified pages.

All this will improve the promotion of your resource both in general and in individual narrowly targeted categories and queries.

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