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Export of goods "Rozetka" (XML)

Date of creation : 2020-12-18
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XML products export/synchronization "Rozetka"
seo, pro is a Ukrainian online store and marketplace founded in 2005. According to data for August 2020, the site ranked 7th among the most visited in Ukraine. Rozetka is also one of the largest advertisers in Ukraine.

Since 2017, Rozetka has provided the opportunity for other online stores to trade on their site. This means that you can open a new sales channel. To import your products on you will need to create an xml feed. It takes a lot of time to create such a file for a large number of products, but you do not need to spend it, because this module will do everything for you. All you need to do is turn on the "Rozetka export" module and you will have access to the functionality for export on the "Import export" page.

Export of goods \

After clicking, a page will open where you can copy the link to the feed.

Export of goods \

You can use this link in your office on the site of the socket or go to it and download the XML file.

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