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XML feed for Facebook Product Catalog

Date of creation : 2020-12-18
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XML feed for Facebook Product Catalog
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An XML feed for Facebook is a special file for transferring product data to the general catalog.

Depending on the total number of assortment items, the system can have a different form

Dynamic remarketing on Facebook allows you to remind users of your online store and products that have previously interested them. This is one of the most effective ways to sell.

The data feed management process consists of adding and editing files. In a special application, you can update and delete various information.

How to use?

In order to use this module, you only need to install it on your online store and you do not need to enable any more settings. After that, follow the link to see your XML feed.

Sometimes it is necessary to exclude certain products from this XML. You can easily exclude went to the product catalog and uncheck the box as in the picture below.

XML feed for Facebook Product Catalog - 1

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