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Working with attributes in the product card


On the "Products" - "Catalog" page within the product creation or editing window, there is an "Attributes" tab. Here you have the ability to create or add already existing attributes in the system to the product card, set the price, SKU, and quantity of the product for a specific attribute value, as well as work with attribute templates.

Adding an existing attribute

If you have created and configured an attribute on the "Products" - "Attributes" page, you can add it to a specific product card as explained below. 

For example, let's say we have a configured attribute "Color" with the values "Red" and "Yellow".

To add it to a product card, go to the product editing page, the "Attributes" tab, and click "New Attribute".

You will then see dropdown lists for "Attribute" and "Value" where you can select the previously created attribute and value respectively. After selecting, click "Add", and the attribute will appear on the product. In this case, it will be "Color: Yellow".

If you want to add another existing value to this attribute, click "Add" to the left of it and choose this value from the dropdown list that appears. Then click "OK". In this case, the value "Red" has been added.

Creating and adding a new attribute

If you have not created an attribute on the "Products" - "Attributes" page, you can do so directly on the "Attributes" tab in the product editing menu. Let's consider this with the attribute "Size" with the values "L" and "XL". To add it to a product card, click "New Attribute". You will see dropdown lists for "Attribute" and "Value" with a "Create" button below each.

Click "Create" below the dropdown list for the attribute and enter its name for each of the languages available on the site. Then click "Update". Similarly, do so for the attribute values. You can repeatedly create attributes and values in this menu, and after creation, you will be able to see them in the dropdown lists and select the ones you need. When finished, click "Add".

In this case, the attribute "Size: L" was created and added. As you can see, there is a "Create" button to the left of each attribute, which is responsible for creating new values for the selected attribute.

Additional attribute value parameters

In the "Attributes" tab of the product card, for each attribute value, you have the option to specify the following:

  • Price prefix and price - the cost of the product with the selected attribute value will increase (+), decrease (-), or equal (=) the value specified in the "Price" column to the right of the "Price Prefix" column. The product will change its price depending on the selected attribute value, but only if it is possible to switch between attribute values on the product page (for example, if the attribute is of type "Dropdown").
  • Attribute model - a unique code of the product for a certain attribute value. If you have an attribute that allows switching between values, then when selecting a certain value on the product page, the attribute model for that specific value will be displayed.
  • Quantity - the amount of product for a certain attribute value. On the "Configuration" - "Stock" page, you can choose to use as the main quantity either the one indicated here or from the "Quantity" field of the "Text" tab.

To remove an attribute, click the "Delete" button to the left, and to remove an attribute value, click the "Delete" button to the right, next to the desired value.


Attribute templates

Attribute templates are necessary if you have products with identical attributes, and you don't want to manually add the same attributes to each product.

To the right, you can see the "Templates" dropdown list and buttons like:

  • Load the specified template - load attributes of the selected template in the dropdown list into the product.
  • Save current settings as a template - save the set of attributes of this product as a template.
  • Rename the selected template.
  • Delete the selected template.

After clicking the "Save current settings as a template" button, a window will appear for entering the name of the new template, and after saving, you will be able to see this template in the dropdown list of templates. To add this set of attributes to a new product, simply go to the "Attributes" tab of this product, select the required template from the dropdown list, and click "Load the specified template".

Attribute models for attribute values do not save when transferring attributes through templates.

Last updated on: 26/04/2024