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Working with articles

In order to try to sell something to the user, you must first answer his questions, for such purposes there are "Informational Articles".
Working with information in articles is to give the user the most accurate, objective and complete information on the topic of interest to him. One of the main tasks is not so much to sell, but to emphasize the professionalism of the company and create a need for the product.
The Solomono team has developed a convenient functionality for working with informational articles.

In the administration panel -> "Content" -> "Pages" -> "Articles", you have the ability to edit, delete, move and view your articles:

To edit, you need to click on the "pencil" icon and you will be redirected to the content page:

You can, using the toolbar for formatting elements, manage content and also add / replace a background image.

Importantly! Articles must be filled out in all languages available on the site.

Last updated on: 09/05/2023