Instructions - Configuration

Working with administrators and setting their access rights

On the "Adminis" page, you have the ability to work with the administrators of your site, create and configure groups of administrators and their rights.

List of administrators

On the first tab, "Admins list" there is a table with all the administrators of the store.

In this table, you can see the following information about each administrator:

  • Their email address.
  • The group of administrators to which they belong.
  • The number of their logins to the store's admin panel.
  • The date and time the administrator was added to the site.
  • The date and time of the last changes made by this administrator.
  • The date and time of the last login to the admin panel.

You can disable any column in this table by clicking on the gear icon to the left of the "Change own password" button. By default, all columns are enabled; uncheck the columns you do not need and click "Save". If you want to revert to the default settings, click "Reset".

To add a new administrator, click the "Add" button. After that, a window will open where you need to fill in their details - name, last name, email address, to which the new administrator will receive the password for login and a link to the admin panel, Telegram chat ID, and the group of administrators they will join. After filling out the necessary details, click "Save".

The "Telegram Chat ID" field is used in the operation of the Telegram API, it is necessary for the administrator to receive notifications about new orders in Telegram. This field is optional.

If you want to edit an administrator's data or delete them, click the appropriate button in the last column of the table.

On the "Admins list" tab, you can also change your password for logging into the admin panel. To do this, click "Change own password". In the window that appears, enter a new password and confirm it. After completing, click "Save".

Groups of administrators

On the "Admin groups" tab, there is a list of administrator groups.

You can add a new group by clicking the "Add" button. In the window that appears, enter the name of the group and click "Save".

If you want to edit or delete an administrator group, click the appropriate button in the last column of the table.

In the group editing window, there is a "Admin Redirect Page Name" setting where you can select one of two options from a dropdown menu - "Main Page" or "Categories Page". This setting determines which page will open when navigating to your_site_address/admin - the main page of the admin panel or the "Products" - "Catalog" page.

Access rights

On the "Access rights" tab, you can configure which functionalities are accessible to different groups of administrators. To do this, select a group on the left for which you want to set access rights, and on the right, turn on or off the necessary items.

Last updated on: 12/04/2024