Instructions - Orders and customers

Work with orders

The success of an online store depends on how it accepts and processes orders. Done right, a customer is more likely to come back to you for a new product. The Solomono team has developed a convenient functionality for working with orders.

In the admin panel on the "Orders" page, you can see the details of all orders in your store. Here you will find the order number, buyer details, cost, order date, payment and processing status.

In the action column:

 You can view customer and order information in detail:

Here you can also create an invoice and invoice:

Create TTN:

Also make the report a list of created invoices:

where you can filter, print the necessary invoices:

 By clicking on the arrow you can proceed to edit the order:

  Or click on the "cart" to delete the order:

As a rule, in online stores, orders are created by users from the public section, but in some cases, an administrator has to create an order. To do this, in the admin panel, you need to select: "Orders" -> "Create order" or by clicking on the "+" in the upper right corner.
In the dialog box, select a client or add a new one, then fill in all the necessary information in the product order section.

It is important to clearly understand that the procedure for processing orders affects the profitability of the company. Qualitatively processed orders - this is the maximum percentage of execution with an acceptable profitability. To do this, in the admin panel in the "Orders" -> "Order Statuses" section:

You can create any number of order statuses depending on the organization of the order processing process. For example, it can be: waiting for verification, waiting for payment, in progress, delivered, delivered, canceled, paid, not paid, etc.
By clicking on the "+" in the upper right corner, you can add the order status you need by specifying the desired definition for it:

For your convenience, you can grant the administrator viewing rights with a certain status, set the default visibility (turn it on or off by clicking on the specified button) and define the desired color:

You can edit any order status by clicking on the specified button in the "action" column:

And also delete the order that you do not need by clicking on the "basket" button in the "action" column:

Last updated on: 25/05/2023