Instructions - Orders and customers

Work with clients

Working with a customer base is a very important area for any online store.

The Solomono team first of all thought about the need to unite all clients in a convenient client base and enter as much data as possible about each client into it.

Administration panel: -> "Clients" -> "List of clients":

You have the opportunity to segment your client base and work with clients in a more personalized way, each client is assigned an identifier. Clients can also be divided into groups:

In the "action" section, you can independently:

- edit client card:

- delete:

- to send a letter:

- go to personal orders:

You can also change the status of the client you need by moving the lever, and add a new client yourself by pressing "+"


After filling out the client card, be sure to click the "Save" button.

You can independently correct the necessary data, which will be mandatory when filling out information in the client card, that is, you can enable / disable the required field:

Last updated on: 25/05/2023