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Who's online report

Any online store is created in order to sell and generate income. Do you want your online store to succeed? Do analytics. It will help you adjust your work and find the best business management solutions.
Evaluating site traffic helps you understand how successful it is, what its audience is, which traffic channels bring more users, and so on.
The Solomono team has developed a number of statistical reports, one of the first being the "Who's online" report. The report is managed through the administration panel: -> "Reports" -> "Who is online":

Attendance statistics is displayed on the basis of a report in which you can view:

  • how many people are currently online on the site;
  • registered user id;
  • Name;
  • IP Address;
  • Entry time;
  • Last Click;
  • Last URL;


By clicking on the "settings button" you can adjust the report columns for your convenience:

Last updated on: 24/04/2023