Instructions - Configuration

What are SEO Templates?

SEO Templates is a must have module for any SEO specialist and any store owner who plans not only to look at his site, but also to get traffic and profit from it.

The "SEO Templates" module allows you to set individual templates for the meta title and meta description fields for the main types of pages of the online store.

This is necessary so that the optimizer or store owner can fine-tune the display of meta fields for each group of pages, for example, display one meta tag template for some categories, and display them in a different format for another group of pages.

SEO Templates can be applied to the following pages:

  • Main page
  • Goods
  • Categories
  • Manufacturers (brands)
  • Search results page

SEO Template Example:


  • {{CATEGORY_NAME}} - category name of this product
  • {{PRODUCT_NAME}} - name of the current product
  • {{STORE_NAME}} - the name of your online store
  • {{PRODUCT_PRICE}} - product price

You can add a new template by clicking on the "+" and filling in the required fields in a new window:

Clarification! Fill in the fields in each available language of your online store:

You have the ability to edit or delete existing filters, to do this, in the "Action" column, select the required button:



Last updated on: 10/01/2024