What are search pages?

Another way to place landing pages on your site is through search results. When a person searches for something on the site, he gets to the landing page, which has a special SEO text, an H1 title, as well as a meta description and a meta title.

This approach helps to transfer the semantic core to your online store as accurately as possible. The Solomono team has developed a fairly convenient functionality for working with search pages. Along with the search landing pages, our platform has other mandatory SEO pages: category page, product page, manufacturer page, custom articles, and filter result landing pages.

You can fill in the search results in the admin panel in the “SEO” -> “Search Pages” section.

It is also possible on the main page of the site to automatically display the links of the search results that are on the site.

To create a new search result, you need to go to the administration panel in the section “SEO” -> “Search pages” -> click on the “+”:

In the new window, fill in the required fields: Search query, Meta title, SEO text, H1 and click the "Apply" button. Clarification: fill in the fields in all available languages of your online store:

To set up search queries, you need to go to the administration panel in the SEO section -> Search pages -> click on the "Settings" icon:


You also have the ability to edit or delete generated search results, in the "Action" column:



Last updated on: 10/01/2024