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What are Meta Tags? (Meta Title, Meta Description)

When filling out data in the product card and categories, you may come across fields such as Meta Title and Meta Description. What are they for, and what should you write there? The main goal is to help search engines understand the page's content and what will be displayed in search results. This is important for attracting user attention and increasing the number of clicks on your site.

H1 (H1 Heading): H1 indicates the primary heading of the page. Each page should have only one H1, which should clearly define the topic or content of the page. For example: Apple iPhone X.

Meta Title: This is the title that appears in the browser tab and in search results. For example: Apple iPhone X - Review, Specifications, and Prices.

Meta Description: This is a brief description of the page's content, displayed in search results. For example: Discover the Apple iPhone X - review, technical specifications, prices, and features. Compare it with other iPhone models and choose your ideal smartphone.

Meta Keywords: In this field, you can specify keywords related to the content of the page. However, most search engines ignore this tag nowadays due to misuse, so we recommend leaving this field empty.

Here's what your page looks like when filled out in the product card editor:

Here we see our H1 title and Meta Title:

And this is what our HTML code of the page looks like:

Last updated on: 10/04/2024