Verification of site ownership in Google Search Console

To start working with Google Search Console, first follow this link and verify your site ownership. You can do this in various ways, including verification using a DNS record or an HTML tag.

Verification using DNS record

To use this verification method, on the left in the "Domain" block, enter your domain name (for example, and click "Continue". Follow the instructions in the window that opens, copy the TXT record provided, and add it to the DNS settings of your domain. After that, click "Verify".

Note! This verification method may take some time, so we recommend choosing another method - using an HTML tag.

Verification using HTML tag

To use this verification method, on the right in the "URL prefix" block, enter the link to your site (for example, and click "Continue".

In the window that opens, expand the "HTML tag" tab, copy the meta tag of the form <meta name="google-site-verification" content="Jfr-LeKxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />, and then copy only the value in the quotes after "content=", go to your store's admin panel, and leave this window open for now.

In the store's admin panel, paste the copied value into the "Google site verification key" field on the "Promotion" - "SEO Settings" page - "Google Site Verification" tab. Then return to the Google Search Console page and click "Verify".

Last updated on: 12/06/2024