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Unlimited product images

Date of creation : 2018-09-20
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Unlimited product images
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The Unlimited Product Pictures module is one of the many improvements to the osCommerce platform that our team has developed. Now, when filling your online store, you can upload an unlimited number of images for each product. All of them will be displayed on the product page. For comparison, other platforms have image upload limits from 1 to 6.

With the module Unlimited product images you can:

  • show the product from all possible angles;
  • in addition to photos of the product itself, upload images that demonstrate the process of use or the result of the product;
  • experiment by uploading diverse photos, visually compare the result, and then delete unnecessary ones;
  • don't choose from the dozens of quality photos you've prepared, just upload them all.

All this will help to interest the buyer and increase the number of purchases in your online store.

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