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Text editor for products, categories, articles descriptions

Date of creation : 2018-09-21
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Text editor for products, categories, articles descriptions

Text editor and its functionality directly affects the display of text, images, links, and hence the attractiveness for the buyer. The beautiful and stylish design of the pages and products of the online store increases sales and inspires confidence in the brand.

We have added all the functions to the text editor that will help make your online store even more effective and useful for your visitors.

What possibilities are there in the text editor:

  1. Insert text from any source
  2. Paste text from a Word document (preserving punctuation, bulleted lists, etc.)
  3. Insert text only, no images
  4. Check spelling of text
  5. Text decoration with special tools
  6. Insert / Edit link
  7. Setting anchors (allows you to make a brief content of the article with a quick transition to the necessary part of the text)
  8. Insert image / table / line / special characters
  9. Adding a Bootstrap grid. With this tool, you can create stylish tables in the form of blocks, for example, comparing product characteristics
  10. Adding bulleted / numbered lists
  11. Editing content in html (allows layout designers and SEO specialists to make their own adjustments to better display content and promote it in the SERP).

If you want to add more functionality to the text editor, please leave a request for additional development.

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