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Date of creation : 2018-09-21
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Templates system
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In most cases, when ordering a website or online store, you receive one approved design (appearance), and all changes have to be paid additionally. So, if you want to adjust the arrangement of blocks on the page, or change the color scheme, you have to contact the developers. But with the Solomono Template Site System module, you can choose from a range of standard templates, each of which provides functionality for easy editing by the user.

It is easy to do this through the site's admin panel:

  • Select the design tab.
  • Close the window with editing settings for the current template and you will see all available online store templates developed by our team.
  • Activate any of the templates and the appearance of your store - the arrangement of the blocks, the color scheme - will change.

In addition, in each template, you can independently turn on and off, move and edit blocks on the main page, on the product page, in the list of products and in the left column. This can be done by any user - the owner or manager of an online store - without any special knowledge, just through the site's admin panel.

Thus, the functionality of the Template site system module will allow you to correct or change the appearance of your store without the help of a professional developer.

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