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Tabs on product page

Date of creation : 2018-09-20
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Tabs on product page
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"Tabs on product page" - a convenient module that allows you to place a huge amount of information on the page, while taking up its minimum space. The standard tabs are:

  1. Description - here is a complete description of the product. Here you can use tables, lists, headings of different sizes, images, paragraphs, etc. In this case, all properties (for example, font size, color, location, etc.) for elements can be set both when entering information in this section, and when editing it.
  2. Characteristics is a tab that displays all the attributes of a given product and a list of all properties available for it. If a group is assigned to one or several attributes, its name will be displayed as a title. Thus, information can be presented to the user with semantic blocks.
  3. Reviews - in this tab, the user can read the comments for the current product, write his own review (in this case, you can select the product rating), and also reply to the comment of another user.
  4. Payment and delivery - here you can find information from the article "Payment and delivery" in the "Information" section of the Admin Panel.

If necessary, the number of tabs can be easily changed - an unnecessary tab can be turned off in the Admin Panel of the "Designs" - "Product Page" section, an additional tab can be added in the code using the bootstrap tool - "tabs".

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