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«1000 goods»

  • Connecting your own domain
  • 77 modules
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For beginner but serious entrepreneurs

«2000 goods»

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«1000» products


«2000» products


«10000» products


Not limited

Rent an online store: start your business today

Creating your own online store and starting selling today is the dream of many aspiring businessmen. But how to do without programmers, large investments and weeks of waiting? Renting an online store can be the best solution.

Renting an online store: advantages

First of all, renting a website is a quick way to get into the market. Literally in a day you will be able to design, configure, fill an online store with goods and get to work. The rental service is especially relevant for those who are taking their first steps in business and are not sure whether to start their own business. For example, platforms such as SoloMono make it possible to launch an online store for free and try your hand without investment.

Renting is synonymous with savings. The services of IT specialists are not cheap, even if we are talking about the simplest website. In addition to money, creating your own web resource requires patience and time: it is necessary to agree on the terms of reference, prototype and control the work of specialists at every stage. By renting an online store, you invest a minimum of funds and get a ready-made solution in the shortest possible time. Moreover, tenants do not pay for hosting, domain and management system: all these services are usually included in the package price.

Renting an online store in Kyiv and any other city in Ukraine provides an entrepreneur with ease of maintaining a web resource. You no longer need to spend time installing CMS, setting up hosting and SEO optimization. Do what you love, and the landlord will take care of the technical issues. In case of any unforeseen failures, you can count on the quick assistance of technical support.

Another absolute advantage is an individual solution for each client. You can choose the appropriate design and functionality, and when the business grows, you can change the tariff scale. Graphical tools provide creative freedom without programming knowledge. Often, an entrepreneur has the ability to change the details in HTML and CSS using a code editor, and the store design is already set up for mobile and desktop devices and screen sizes. Increasing functionality or adding additional blocks is available at any time. Tenants can also change the menu and subcategories, add an unlimited number of products and text to their site.


Renting an online store website: what you should know before applying for a service

In order to rent an online store in Ukraine to become the most successful enterprise, it is worth clarifying the following questions.

  1. What services are included in the rental price? In addition to the finished design, the package should include technical support, domain, hosting and site maintenance. If not all of the listed items are included in the price, be sure to ask about the price of these services outside the rental. Otherwise, the full operation of the online store will be impossible.
  2. What are the minimum rental periods? Most often, agencies offer monthly rental payments, but sometimes you can order the service immediately for a year and get a good discount.
  3. Learn more about the functionality of the online store. This is a key characteristic of the site, on which sales directly depend. After all, the more convenient the functionality, the easier it is for the client to buy your product.
  4. Use trial packages to test the site and see if one or another option is right for you. Once you've figured out the demo, you'll know exactly what you're paying for and whether it's worth it.
  5. Remember that the modules for payment and delivery of goods are already connected on the rented site, however, you will have to negotiate with payment systems and courier services.

How to choose a website or components of a successful online store

When the technical aspects and terms of cooperation are agreed, pay attention to the key characteristics of the site. The latter include:

  • cart - it is on this page that the user makes the final decision to purchase, so check out must be clearly configured, simple and understandable, concise;
  • calls to action - the site should have buttons that call the user to perform the target action;
  • security - make sure that the rented site has a secure payment gateway and data encryption;
  • a simple way to contact - make sure that the site has a page with contacts, using which any client can ask you questions or clarify information on the order.

An additional bonus will be interactive services and comprehensive promotion. For example, constant communication with customers and involvement can be maintained through e-mail newsletters. Ask what opportunities the agency offers before renting an online store.


How to rent an online store?

To rent an online store, you will need access to the Internet and some free time. Choose a landlord with an acceptable pricing policy, choose the right package and place an order. Choosing an agency is the most important item on this list. To quickly receive feedback from technical support and not worry about the work of the store, give preference to reliable platforms with many years of experience and an impeccable reputation.

You can start using the site within a few minutes after paying for the service. Not ready to pay right away?

  • Take advantage of the free demo.
  • Ask questions to the manager.
  • Switch to work mode when you're ready.

A small life hack - always choose a plan that provides SEO-optimization and promotion. Sometimes tenants also offer placement of banners on thematic sites. Such options significantly increase the chances of profit. If things do not go uphill or the tenant simply changes his mind about doing business, you can refuse to rent an online store at any time.