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Online store development:
from idea to a working
business that earns for you

Creating unique online stores from scratch

Do you want to get a ready-made online store quickly and without development?

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Our experience in development
— over 17 years and
500+ online stores

For clients:


we create customized stores based on their vision and our experience;


we ensure high speed of the store by optimizing SQL queries and changing algorithms;


we develop and install modules and plugins for stores according to business needs.


we do SEO for your site for better ranking in Google.


we provide a solution ready for heavy loads: process millions of orders without failures;


we migrate your database while preserving information and links.

The time to act is now!

No templates. Only customization tailored to your business

We work with projects of any scale and complexity. Therefore, Solomono online stores are of high quality from the perspective of customers, business owners, and search engines.

Correct architecture

Facilitates interaction with your content

24/7 monitoring

Your site is always under the vigilant supervision of tech support


The site is oriented towards the growth of the business and the number of products


Even on sale days, the site won't "crash"

Integrations for building a business ecosystem

To ensure stable sales without extra effort on your part, we have the following integrations for you. All of them have proven their effectiveness for online stores


17 years of making online stores
for companies from different countries

Want to learn more about the team's experience you will work with?

Our main superpower is
the ability to find solutions to any client's problem.

Under the hood of your online store, there is always a backup in the form of Solomono:

  • icon a team assigned to a specific project that knows all its features;
  • icon 24/7 tech support available under any circumstances;
  • icon if necessary, we involve additional specialists needed urgently: designers, devops, copywriters, content managers, developers, etc.
Solomono power

Development Process for Your E-commerce Store


We receive your request.


We conduct a meet-and-greet and formulate a brief for developing your e-commerce store.


We assess the scope of work and send you a commercial proposal.


We sign the contract, receive payment, and start developing your e-commerce store.


We create a dashboard and a shared chat with you so you can track the progress and activity of each individual task.


At the beginning of each month, we send you a detailed report on each task and invoice. The duration of developing the turnkey e-commerce store ranges from 2 to 8 months.


You receive your own e-commerce store, fully ready for operation! Plus, bonuses:

  • icon Free bug fixes for the website for 6 months.
  • icon Technical online support for the entire lifetime of the website!
  • icon Hosting, support, and monitoring of your website (if needed).

Competitive Prices, Worthwhile Results

Yes, we understand that every client wants to hear the cost of implementing their project as soon as possible. But developing a customized e-commerce store that meets all your requirements is a process with many components.

Therefore, we can only provide the final price after consultation and discussion of all important details.

But we guarantee one bonus for sure — free bug fixes for 6 months.

What We Offer with an Individual Approach


Detailed discussion of all elements of the future e-commerce store


Design tailored to you


Optimization for search engines


Continuous support

Our Expert is Ready
to Answer Your Questions

Examples of Websites Created by Solomono from Scratch

National Bank of Ukraine
icon 2023
icon 5 months

Online store of numismatic products of the National Bank of Ukraine. Emphasis on high simultaneous load of visitors and buyers.

icon 2018
icon 12 months

Online store of pet supplies. Fully customized appearance (over 100 layouts), as well as dozens of new custom pages introduced in the admin panel. Additional caching, acceleration, work with attributes and filters.

icon 2019
icon 6 months

Online store of boat trailer manufacturer from the Netherlands. Extended B2B functionality in working with dealers.

icon 2023
icon 8 months

Online store of electronics and technology. Implemented individual design and additional functionality.

icon 2020
icon 5 months

Online store of heat pumps.

icon 2020
icon 2 months

Online store of a manufacturer of high-quality designer clothing.

OBB Starters and Alternators
icon 2018
icon 12 months

Online store of starters for cars from the USA. Possibility of filtering and selecting parts using a filter form, database of 600,000 models. Customization of order placement functionality as well as admin panel.

icon 2024
icon 11 months

Online store of car parts and tuning from Denmark. Customization of the external appearance, individual developments, integrations with payment systems and client ERP.

Clients, whose trust we have justified

Your reviews
our driving force

Evgeniya Jewelry

Owner of the store


It's a very good platform, with lots of features, everything works smoothly. I am pleased with the unlimited number of products. The online store also looks good in the mobile version. Excellent tech support, always responds quickly) You can connect several payment systems and delivery services. In short, everything is on top))

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John K

Owner of the store


I have been working with this company for more than six months, and during this time I can only say positive things about the cooperation. These are specialists who can quickly and efficiently create an online store, teach you how to use the platform, and advise you on how to best position your household chemicals store online. Bravo, I think further cooperation will be even better!

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National Bank of Ukraine



Solomono engaged in proactive communication with our company throughout the project.

Solomono's work has boosted server uptime and website loading speed. The team delivered everything on time and communicated effectively to ensure a smooth workflow. Their proactive communication, flexibility, frequent updates, and flawless execution of their tasks impressed the client.

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The Tropco / Carpco



I'm impressed by the ability to work on so many various platforms and in different languages. Thanks to Solomono's work, the website has a better user interface, and the client's staff has saved time dealing with delivery and scheduling. The team communicates effectively through email and messages and helps the client find simpler solutions. Their commitment to the project is extraordinary.

View the original icon
Michael Meragan



Solomono exceeded my highest expectations. Solomono successfully delivered a functional and appealing platform on time and under budget. They provided invaluable assistance and seamlessly adapted to the client's requirements. Professionalism, perceptiveness, technical knowledge and quality service were the hallmarks of Solomono's work.

View the original icon
Meir Yakir



Their project management was excellent. With Solomono's assistance, the new search module boasted a user-friendly interface and an incredibly efficient and accurate data retrieval system. They promptly attended to the client's requirements and diligently resolved all problems. Their cost-efficiency was a hallmark of their work.

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Kho King Koh



Their speed, time, and quality of work were impressive. The client has expressed satisfaction with Solomono's timely and budget-friendly work. Their responsiveness, understanding, and effective communication throughout the project have contributed to a positive experience for the client.

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Fabio Sofia



They're very punctual and precise in management. Thanks to Solomono’s work, the client has received more web visitors than before. Solomono's prices are in line with the market, and the team offers highly customizable e-commerce solutions. The team shows very punctual and precise project management and is responsive through email.

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Excellent new website display. Thanks to Solomono's efforts, the site has become mobile-friendly and ranks high in Google. The team responds quickly to issues and provides excellent problem-solving. They continue to maintain the old database of products and customers.

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Your success in e-commerce is right nearby

Order a "turnkey" online store development!

Still undecided? We have options!

Popular questions about Solomono online store development:

Development of an online store website can take a different amount of time. It depends on the complexity of the future functionality. To tell you the exact number of hours, we need to know your vision of the future online store. If you don't have a ready-made technical specification, we can help you develop it. To do this, and schedule a free consultation with our expert.
The price consists of several parts:
  1. The license (base) of the online store. The price depends on the selected modules, which you can find here;
  2. The cost of individual design (depends on the number of pages to be drawn: from $700 for 3 pages);
  3. Layout (stretching) of the drawn design on your store. The cost depends on the drawn layouts in paragraph 2;
  4. Development of additional functionality according to your specifications. The final cost depends on the design features and functionality of the future project. In general, we work according to the price list. If you have a ready-made technical task to create a turnkey online store, send it to us. We will be able to calculate the cost of such work;
  5. Ddvertising and SEO promotion — from $600 per month.
Development of a turnkey online store requires a well-thought-out technical task. If you don't have a technical task, we can develop it together and then tell you the cost of the future site.
Please note that we are not responsible for pre-developed code. The team can transfer the site to Solomono and improve the store. Already on our platform, we will be able to fix bugs, speed up the site, update the design, and make a mobile-friendly adaptation for you.
There are several key advantages to choosing Solomono:
  1. An experienced team of specialists with more than 17 years of practice guarantees you a high-quality project. The team has already implemented 90% of requests and knows how to do it for you.
  2. The platform is ideal for B2B needs, withstands heavy loads and allows you to professionally optimize your store's SEO.
  3. Transferring your store from other platforms is carried out as carefully as possible, without losing positions in the search results and traffic. Solomono has done the job dozens of times to keep traffic at the same level.
  4. Solomono provides you with open access to the code and the ability to choose the placement — on your hosting or on our platform.
  5. You get a reliable partner who provides you with a full range of services: from creating or transferring a store to its promotion.
  6. Working with Solomono is based on the principles of quality and integrity, confirmed by customer reviews on Google and Clutch .
To order the development of a turnkey online store, sign up for a free consultation.
Yes, Solomono online stores are SEO-friendly from the very beginning and are created with all the possibilities for search engine optimization in mind. In addition, we often cooperate with SEO specialists of our clients, and we can fulfill their technical specifications to finalize the functionality according to their wishes.
If necessary, you can order a separate SEO promotion service from us. This will allow you to get a good result in the form of targeted organic traffic in the long run.
Do you want your online store to be:
  • — super fast;
  • — designed to meet absolutely all the needs of your business;
  • — have unique functionality and design;
  • — structured?
Then turnkey e-commerce development is the best option.
Before ordering an online store, you need to discuss your vision of the assortment, functionality, and design, as well as the required launch time. Based on this information, we will be able to formulate an offer for you that will perfectly match your request.
Yes, we do. During the first 6 months after the completion of all work, we fix any bugs for free. Later on, our technical support team is also in touch and helps with resolving issues, testing, and modifying new modules.
You can see examples of our work here. Among them are online stores selling clothes, electronics, health and sports goods, etc. Over 17 years of work, we have created more than 500 online stores, so most likely, we have niches in our portfolio that are relevant to you. Write to our manager and we will prepare examples for you.
You get a powerful and ultra-fast online store that loads in less than a second even with a large product database. You can also choose the necessary functionality from more than 100 ready-made e-commerce modules or order the creation of a unique solution for you.
Technical support and the development team are always in touch and quickly respond to requests of any complexity and solve them to keep your store running stably and profitable.
We can create unique modules and design for you and provide comprehensive SEO promotion services. In fact, we can handle almost all tasks related to the creation and content of an online store of any complexity. Contact our manager to discuss the services you need.
We do not specialize in advertising services. However, we recommend trusted partners who will help you with contextual and targeted advertising, as well as placing products on Google Shopping.