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    Platform that runs faster than competitors


    Engine that will help you quickly scale your project. From 1 to 1000000 products


    Platform that will help you realize all your plans and ambitions


    Solomono has built-in mobile version of the site, there is no need to pay extra


    You can buy access to platform at the cost of a monthly rental of a cloud-based online store


    Solomono is already optimized for search engines


    You can customize easily with Solomono without programmers and designersа


    Code will be open and understandable for any programmer

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    Platform is lightweight and adapted for SEO, adaptive for all types of devices, unlimited functionality and full access to the site code, which allows you to control everything inside and make the required changes.

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Selling organically possible

We've been working with ecommerce for many years and have seen how SEO can really deliver huge results. In addition, our experience shows that many of the platforms initially have the wrong structure for organic promotion.

Solomono will allow you to go to the top for search queries without problems and restrictions from first creation or migration of your store. We provide clean html, correct schema markup, condensed scripts and styles, open graph tags, breadcrumbs, sitemap and much more to maximize your online store promotion.

Don't worry, we will help you figure it out!


Full control and access to your online store

Solomono's task is not to limit you and your business, but to make the creation and operation of your online store as convenient and efficient as possible, so our code is open! Many competitors do not provide access to your stores' files. In Solomono, you can get full and free access to your site code to implement any changes.

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Editable site blocks
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of modules
Ajax cart
Endless scrolling of goods
Coupon system
SEO links
Product rating
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for you
Social authorizations

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Suitable for all kinds of devices

If you believe the statistics, then with 80% probability, you are reading this from a mobile device. Such trends cannot be ignored. In Solomono, you do not need to order the mobile version of the site separately, we have already made it for you for free! Stores made on Solomono are immediately ready and convenient for users of any mobile device, which gives a significant increase in purchases in your online store.

Be in trend and sell more!

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CMS SoloMono speed

Fastest ecommerce platform in the world

Solomono v1.2
osCommerce v2.3.4
Opencart v2.3.0
Shopscript v1.6.5
Prestashop v1.6.1
Magento v2.1.4
Woo v2.6.12
Graph of cms load speed dependence on time
Graph of cms load speed dependence on time
  • 1.
    Solomono v1.2
  • 2.
    osCommerce v2.3.4
  • 3.
    Opencart v2.3.0
  • 4.
    Shopscript v1.6.5
  • 5.
    Prestashop v1.6.1
  • 6.
    Magento v2.1.4
  • 7.
    Wordpress Woo v2.6.12

After installing each CMS and authorization in the admin panel, 1000 identical products were added to each tested platform - with identical descriptions and images.

Measurements were made 5 times for each CMS with a cache update, after which the average display time was recorded.

PHP 7 (MySQL 5.7) or PHP 5.6 (MySQL 5.6) Windows 10 Pro x64, Intel Core i5-4460 CPU @ 3.2GHz 3.2GHz, RAM: 8 GB

The main criteria for choosing a platform for an online store


A platform for creating an online store is a ready-made set of programs and scripts. With the help of these programs and scripts, the site is launched, and management is carried out through a convenient administration panel. In order to open an online store on such a platform, you do not need knowledge of programming languages ​​and the principles of online resources. This is what the admin panel was created for.

For a person who wants to order his own sales site on the Internet, the most pressing question will be: which platform to choose to promote his own online store. In addition, today there are quite a lot of them: paid, free, functioning like a constructor or customized.
In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you should know the requirements that high-quality platforms must meet to create an online store.

The basic criteria for this choice are:

  • the ability to conveniently customize the site menu and product categories - for example, if a businessman intends to sell smartphones and accessories for them, then it will be important for him that the product be divided into two categories, which in turn will be divided into subcategories for different brands of smartphones - SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, APPLE, XIAOMI, etc.;
  • the presence of fine-tuning the product page - in the categories you need to publish product photos with an overview, description of characteristics and other information;
  • the ability to set several currencies;
  • a lot of product attributes, according to which it will be easy to create filters and set up a search in the future;
  • the presence on the platform of options for setting prices and determining the availability of products in warehouses - entering such data manually is very laborious, especially if the seller does not have several units of the product, but several hundred or even thousands;
  • the ability to arrange sales on the platform for certain types of goods - promotions and sales at a low price are effective marketing tools that should be used as often as possible;
  • the availability of the option to connect a cash register, as well as popular payment systems - it is important that the platform for the online store provides the consumer with the widest possible choice of convenient payment methods, then the purchasing power will be much higher;
  • the presence of tools that allow you to change the page code, enter tags, title and description to optimize search for popular search engines;
  • readiness for SEO-promotion;
  • high download speed with thousands of products, pictures, videos, reviews and other content.

Also, before ordering an online store at a reasonable price, the user should pay attention to the presence of an adequate analytical system on the platform that allows you to determine the following points: which products are in demand among buyers and which are not; Which pages of the site are visited most often by consumers; where visitors come from, what their age, place of residence, etc.

Why Choose SoloMono: Platform Benefits

SoloMono offers to buy a ready-made, easily customizable product that will belong only to you. This is the fastest and most versatile platform that will allow anyone to make the dream of their own online store a reality in minutes. SoloMono is a company with 14 years of experience that has created more than 220 online stores of various types on the Internet. You can order a site on the platform at an affordable price in two clicks. At the same time, several packages are provided for users at once, including the development of a turnkey online store.

Among the many platforms for creating websites, SoloMono differs in the following factors:

  • high functionality and ease of use - it has everything you need to run a sales business and even more;
  • great opportunities for promoting an online store, allowing not only to quickly promote it, but also to receive professional analytics in key areas;
  • 6 modern themes, templates, with which you can easily change the appearance of the site and add new sections and forms to it;
  • the presence on the platform of all kinds of convenient tools for setting up menus, categories and sections.

In addition, a free platform for an online store is provided for new customers during the trial period, which is 14 days. SoloMono is speed, functionality, scalability, flexible configuration, mobility and affordable price!

Benefits of templates

For Solomono online stores.

speed Adaptability

This template has been specially designed for equally good representing the different types of goods. So you can use it for any subject: electronics, smartphones, gadgets and clothes, food, cars, cosmetics, etc.


We gave you the ability to independently and easily customize the template to suit your requirements: upload your logo, change contact information, download banners, remove unnecessary blocks and change its location.

Mobile View

You do not need to buy an additional mobile version of the site (that would cost you from $300.). The site is already are able to adapt to any device, including smartphones.


Designing the template we used the latest version of the markup and stylesheets, which greatly increases the opportunities for expansion and improvement of the layout as well as allowing you to apply a variety of options, animations, and other effects.


Bootstrap - the most popular CSS / HTML / Javascript framework (a set of tools for page layout) for creating websites. With its help, you can use ready-made samples in the design of the website popups, animations, and others. But its main advantage - is an ability to work with adaptive layout.

Adaptive layout

It is a layout of the website, that is able to adapt to any screen resolutions and for any device. With our responsive design Solo, your customers will be equally comfortable using it as a store on a PC or laptop, as well as on tablets and smartphones.

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