Modules for oscommerce
      Base engine$3000  
      Social widgets$400  
      SMS module$400  
      Promo codes$400  
      Credit cards$500  
      Online consultant$0  
      https setup$0  
      Website setup$0  
      Add analytics$0  
      Email templates$0  
      Products Wishlist$300  
      Products quantity$0  
      FaceBook Pixel$600 Excel Import$1000 Urls$800  
      Product Attributes$0  
      Unlimited product images$0  
      Customer page$0  
      Manufacturers (brands)$0  
      High site speed$0  
      Specials (price discounts)$0  
      Best sellers$0  
      Products ratings (stars)$0  
      Products catalog$0  
      Search by products$0  
      New products$0  
      One-page checkout$0  
      Html-, Excel(csv)-, XML-, PDF-price export$0  
      Editable store boxes$0  
      Featured products$0  
      Top viewed products$0  
      Popup shopping cart$0  
      Ajax product images slider$0  
      Ajax products sorting$0  
      HTML and XML sitemaps$0  
      PHP-compression of images$0  
      SEO-friendly URLs$0  
      Banners slider on main page$0  
      Editable main page blocks (boxes)$0  
      Products output: list and columns$0  
      Editable ajax-products per page$0  
      Tabs on product page$0  
      Box "Similar products"$0  
      Multilingual URL-s like "/en", "/de" etc.$0  
      Show editable text on main page$0  
      Templates for meta-data$0  
      Adaptive layout (mobile-ready)$0  
      Autocomplete in Search$0  
      Product attributes in products listing$0  
      Editable banners on main page$0  
      Unlimited products scroll ("load more")$0  
      Editable site colors (from admin panel)$0  
      Unlimited info pages$0  
      "Quick order" button$0  
      "Callback" button$0  
    Admin panel
      Sales reports$0  
      Income graphs$0  
      Sending email from admin$0  
      Database Backup$0  
      Editable site logo$0  
      Payment/ Shipping/ Order-Total modules$0  
      Templates system$0  
      Editable languages files (constants) in admin$0  
      Modules of delivery depending on weight / price / zone, etc.$0  
      Ship-to-pay(Depending payment modules of shipping modules)$0  
      Minimum order amount$0  
      Editable favicon, watermark, meta-title, meta-description$0  
      Multiple prices for each product$0  
      Extra charge or price hiding for guests$0  
      Editable robots.txt$0  
      Log of Slow DB-queries$0  
      Administrators groups$0  
      Adaptive ajax admin-panel$0  
      Text editor for products, categories, articles descriptions$0  
      Editable attributes inside product page$0  
      Multiple products editor$0  
      Mass Discounts (SaleMaker)$0  
      New ajax-listing of orders + popup order page$0  
      Creating order in admin$0  
      Customers groups$0  
      New ajax-listing of customers + popup customer page$0  
      Creating customer in admin$0  
      Catalog Caching$0  
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