oscommerce addons
      Base engine
      Authorization (Google, Facebook)
      Social widgets
      SMS module
      Promo codes
      Credit cards (13 methods)
      Import/Export CSV (Easy Populate)
      Online consultant
      Email templates
      Products Wishlist
      "Callback" button
      Analytics (Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics + Goals)
      Import (Excel) Urls
      Google Feed
      Import YML (XML)
      Product Attributes
      Unlimited product images
      Customer page
      Manufacturers (brands)
      Specials (price discounts)
      Best sellers
      Products ratings (stars)
      Products catalog
      Search by products
      New products
      One-page checkout
      Html-, Excel(csv)-, XML-, PDF-price export
      Editable store boxes
      Featured products
      Top viewed products
      Cross sell products
      Popup shopping cart
      Ajax product images slider
      Ajax products sorting
      HTML and XML sitemaps
      PHP-compression of images
      SEO-friendly URLs
      Banners slider on main page
      Editable main page blocks (boxes)
      Products output: list and columns
      Editable ajax-products per page
      Tabs on product page
      Box "Similar products"
      Multilingual URL-s like "/en", "/de" etc.
      Show editable text on main page
      Templates for meta-data
      Autocomplete in Search
      Product attributes in products listing
      Editable banners on main page
      Unlimited products scroll ("load more")
      Editable site colors (from admin panel)
      Unlimited info pages
      "Quick order" button
    Admin panel
      Sales reports
      Income graphs
      Sending email from admin
      Database Backup
      Editable site logo
      Payment/ Shipping/ Order-Total modules
      Templates system
      Editable languages files (constants) in admin
      Modules of delivery depending on weight / price / zone, etc.
      Ship-to-pay(Depending payment modules of shipping modules)
      Minimum order amount
      Editable favicon, watermark, meta-title, meta-description
      Multiple prices for each product
      Extra charge or price hiding for guests
      Editable robots.txt
      Log of Slow DB-queries
      Administrators groups
      Adaptive ajax admin-panel
      Text editor for products, categories, articles descriptions
      Editable attributes inside product page
      Multiple products editor
      Mass Discounts (SaleMaker)
      New ajax-listing of orders + popup order page
      Creating order in admin
      Customers groups
      New ajax-listing of customers + popup customer page
      Creating customer in admin
      Catalog Caching
    Additional features
      https setup
      Website setup
      High site speed
      Adaptive layout (mobile-ready)
      Products quantity
 osCommerce Templates
      About company
      Version history
      SoloMono is the NEW osCommerce!
      Solomono Platform Features
      osCommerce Addons
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      Try now
      What is osCommerce: history, developers, perspectives
      How to open an online clothing store in 2020
      13 types of social proof and how they will help you promote your products and services in 2020
      How to take photos of products to sell them
      Getting Ready For Google's New BERT Algorithm
      How to motivate employees: offline and outsourced
      6 Ways To Increase Traffic While A Website Is Promoting By SEO
      Moving an online store with minimal loss
      How to open an online store
      How to open an online store of children's goods?
      How to open an online cosmetics shop
      Open the online store with a wristwatch
      How to open an online store of jewelry
      How to run a business on the Internet
      What is better to choose: a marketplace or an online store
      How to open an online store
      Tips: How to wake up in the morning
      October Updates
      A new trend in online sales – live Commerce
      How to prepare an online store for Black Friday
      7 useful services and add-ons for online stores
      3 ways to build a subscriber base
      Thanks to everyone who participated in our seminar!
      Big update of our site
      New and fast Attribute Filter
      20+ ideas for free website traffic growth
      How to do SEO audit in 2020 correctly
      6 key ingredients that helped online stores survive the crisis
      What are cross-selling and how they can help increase your average check
      How to check broken links in an online store
      How to fill out a brief on SEO optimization of an online store
      A check-list of 50 factors of ranking websites in 2020
      Featured Snippets: what is, how to get there and whether
      Cold Call Script: Sales Funnel Script Guide
      5-point checklist: how to make your e-commerce business special and simple
      5 reasons to register in Google My Business
      How to use Google Trends. What is it: a useless service or a tool for a tremendous increase in sales?
      How to check the quality of links
      How to make a portrait of the target audience
      Pixel Facebook: What is it, how to create and configure
      What is Google Shopping and how it will help in sales
      Promotion of sites by buying eternal links. How relevant in 2020? What is link building?
      How to optimize a site for voice search
      What it is the selling texts and how to write them
      Developing a strategy for email marketing
      15 ideas on which you can earn in crisis
      How conduct technical analysis of the site
      Increasing sales at the expense of shares and discounts
      How to check the indexing of a site in Google and Yandex
      Micro-markup: what is it and how does it affect the promotion and traffic increase?
      Types of advertising on the Internet. Advantages and disadvantages of each
      How correctly to make a technical assignment for a copywriter
      How to choose keywords
      Type-in traffic: what it is and how this indicator increases the position of the TOP
      How to promote the site in the TOP or that like Mr. Google and Mr. Yandex
      10 factors of site success (part 2)
      10 factors of site success (part 1)
      DDoS attack of online shop: what is it and how to fight it
      Online store advertising: where to start
      Performance indicators, which should be monitored by every owner of the online store
      Features of the company's promotion on the Internet during the crisis
      Simple tips for improving the search engine optimization of the online store
      How to post and raise your website in the search engines
      The place of social networks in the promotion online store
      Google Analytics для самых маленьких: важные инструменты
      Google Analytics для самых маленьких: отчеты
      Instructions: External site optimization
      Instructions: Internal site optimization
      Первые шаги: оптимизация для интернет магазина
      Золотые правила оптимизации сайта
      How to create an online furniture store in 2020
      6 examples of lead magnets for your online store
      What margin do on products in the online store
      How to open an online store of home goods from scratch
      November 14 - World Usability Day
      What payment systems to connect to your online store
      How to design a page "Discounts and promotions"
      How to design the "Delivery" page to exclude customer issues
      How and where to find suppliers for your online store
      How to respond to a bad customer review
      What is the correct sequence of actions when creating an online store?
      Excursion to Yandex.Dzen
      How to make out the main sections of the site
      Content for the online store
      What to write in a personal blog or 15 types of content that works 100%
      How to choose a font and color for the logo
      How to create a logo: step by step instructions
      How to protect content from theft
      How to write an exciting article in a blog: 9 tips
      5 ideas for writing the text "About the company"
      7 errors online store
      Mobile version of the website: how to make and whether it is necessary
      How to protect your website from hacking
      Domain: purchase, changing, registration
      5 Ways to improve the online store design
      Choice of modules for the online store
      The basic principles of the online store usability
      5 reasons to choose a ready-made online store Solomono
      Choosing the color scheme of the online store
      Usability of online-store
      Online-store templates
      The main technical mistakes made while creating a website for an online store
      3 Ways to Improve Your Online Store
      Create ecommerce store - its easy!
      Posts for Instagram: 10 fresh ideas for publications in 2020
      How to make navigation in Instagram account
      Checklist for maintaining an Instagram account. Tips for Online Shopping
      Promotion of the VK group
      17 ideas for Instagram for business accounts
      Case "Moving an online electronics store to the osCommerce adaptive platform"
      Case 1: creating an online store of cosmetics White Mandarin
      Case transition from Joomla to Solomono
      27 needs of any target audience
      What content should be in 2020
      9 e-commerce trends in 2020
      E-Commerce Trends in 2019
      Keep your hand on the pulse with Google Trends: a brief overview of the service
      The web design trends for webstores in 2017
      Solomono VS Prom compare
      Online store on Tilda: is this platform suitable for e-commerce?
      Compare Solomono osCommerce vs Phoenix osCommerce CE
      Is WordPress suitable for creating an online store
      Do I need to legally register an online store. What are the options. Registration procedure. And a little about a settlement registrar for online stores
      3 strategies that helped brands survive the global crisis
      Installation store from archive
      First settings
      Assignments, tests, errors. Excel import
      Sale maker
      Creating and editing products
      Google Feed Add Items
      How to create an attribute
      Product Attributes
      Displaying Attributes
      Similar items
      How to add recomended item?
      How to add discount?
      Different prices for goods
      Excel import/export
      Different colors of goods
      Customer groups
      Setting Title
      How to change the logo, slider, banner, etc.
      How to insert a Google map into an article
      How to add a video
      Facebook widget
      Connecting an online consultant
      Working with images
      Payment Module "Fondy"
      Set up Liqpay payment method
      Google Shopping
      Facebook Login
      How to add admin
      SMS service