Instructions - Configuration

Setting up pages and tables of the ADMIN

The admin panel (or admin panel) is a content management system that is used by webmasters to provide and organize the processes of adding, editing, and flexible configuration of content published on web pages.
The SoloMono team has developed a convenient and fairly flexible functionality for working with the admin panel of your site

In addition to customizing the content that is published on your site, you can directly manage the admin panel for your convenience. For example, you can configure the panel on the left at the top of the Admin:

The company also developed a functionality for the admin panel tables when you click on the settings icon:

in the modal window you have the ability to enable / disable table fields, for more convenient work with information

Also, for convenient work with tables in the admin panel, it is possible to change the width of the table/columns:

Last updated on: 07/04/2023