Setting up additional delivery fields + setting up payment for a specific area

You have the opportunity to additionally configure the payment option for a certain zone in the "Delivery to payment" tab, which will result in the selected payment option only for the specified zone being displayed at the checkout.

To do this, go to the "Delivery to payment" tab, click on the "+" icon

Add delivery area:

You can view the configuration of zones directly here: html

Add "Payment Method":

You also have the option to configure additional fields of the delivery module in the "Delivery fields" tab. The configuration method is given on the example of "Express shipping" delivery, because the tab configuration is identical for all delivery methods. Go to the "Shipping fields" tab, click on the "+" icon

In the new window, add a name in the "Field name" line. Important! Add a title in all available languages on your site.

And in the "Minimum length" field, specify the minimum number of characters/letters that should be entered in this field in the checkout, that is, if you set the minimum value to "3", and when filling out this field, the client set 2 characters, the field will be considered empty and give an error .

After, to display new fields, turn them on, for this, move the lever so that it becomes active:

You can add multiple fields:

And now, when placing an order, in the checkout when choosing the specified delivery method, customers will see a field, for example, to enter additional information, whether it is an indication of the delivery address, or correction of information, phone number, or any other information.

That is, if you added these fields to the required delivery method, they will be available only in this specified delivery method.

Last updated on: 19/12/2023