Instructions - Connecting delivery modules

Setting the delivery method for the selected country (or setting the delivery zones for several countries)

To set up shipping for a specific country, or multiple countries, you first need to create a "zone" so that you can use it for selection in any shipping module of your choice. Setting up the zone is done through the administration panel, where in the section "Settings" -> "Taxes" -> you need to select the "Tax zones" tab:To create a new zone, you need to click on the "+" icon in the "Tax zones" column

To create a zone from one country, for example "Ukraine", in the new modal window, enter a name that will be convenient for you to view and use. For example "Ukraine" and click "OK":

Next, click on the newly created zone and in the right column, you will see this zone

Next, click on the "+" icon in the right column to fill in information about the newly created zone

Select your newly created zone

In the "country" section - choose the one you need

In the "region" section, you can select "all zones" - this will be the entire country, or you can select certain areas that will be available for delivery

Next, in the administration panel, in the section "List of customers" -> "Buyer data" -> the field "Country" must be enabled (active)

An important point is that the use of tax zones is possible only for those modules that have the "Zone" field:


After that, you need to go to the section "Modules" -> "Shipping" -> select the required module, for example "Shipper", click on the "edit" icon

In the "Zone" field - select your zone and click the "Update" button

Now, when placing an order at checkout, shipping such as "Shipper" in which the country zone is specified, only "Ukraine" will not be available to buyers whose country of residence is other countries. Example:

If the client territorially lives in the specified zone, then this delivery option will be available for registration, Example:

It is possible to deliver to several countries for one module, the setup example is the same as for one country, only after you have created a tax zone, naming it for example "several countries", and selecting the newly created zone, you need to add any countries of your choice , by pressing the "+" icon.

And then in the checkout when ordering the product, such a delivery module will be available specifically for customers from the countries you have added.

Last updated on: 18/07/2023