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SEO optimization

Our company offers three packages of varying complexity depending on your budget.

SEO score: 3/10


From $300

Monitoring redirects, fixing meta-fields and html

  • Set up and monitor redirects If it's not fresh install, after platform/template changing, any website always lose some positions and visitors for few months. But if not to do anything, it will lose this position and ranked pages forever. If do - we will save this google positions in 2-3 months and will increase visitors(=sales) from 3-4 months. After website move your site could get many 404 errors (redirects to not existing pages) - we will check all of them manually and make manual redirects in .htaccess, also we will create automatic redirects to many other kinds of pages.
  • Checking and fixing all SEO issues (missing H1, meta titles, meta duplicates, structuring data, images alts, wrong redirects, site speed and many others).
    We use for this purpose special software (website SEO analyzers), and then manually will fix all bugs and issues.
  • Optimizing js, html and css speed
  • Website monitoring in Analytics
  • Optimizing frontend code Working with robots.txt, html-sitemaps, google XML-sitemaps, optimization of images alts, products meta tags, descriptions etc.
One-time payment, the price is individual (it depends on the size of the site, write to us and we optimize your site)
SEO score: 6/10



Semantic core and keywords research

IncludesMinimal SEO plan (5)
  • Complex website keywords planning Search specific keywords for your store, find best combinations, compare and find the best keywords from your competitors and keyword planners. In other words, this is list of keywords, by which customers will find your website in search engines.
  • Content marketing Creating SEO-texts for your main page, product categories and products to increase your positions in search engines by this keywords. The package includes 5-10 texts depending on the subject matter, expertise, size and other factors.
  • External links To increase the effectiveness of promotion, the site will receive 5-10 links per month (including leased links).
  • Using Google targets You could see all clicks on buttons "buy", "checkout", "contact us" and other for each day/week/month and could understand what to change on your site to optimize sales.
  • Keywords statistics Statistics for positions of your keywords in google. You will see spreadsheet with list of your words like "Buy iPhone" or "buy something else" and position (place) in google for this word for each month. In this case you could understand what positions are growing. We use paid services for this, but payment included in current SEO package amount. This package includes tracking 70 keywords from 20 categories.
  • Monthly Full reporting Analytics, positions growing, devices, done work etc.
Ordering this package means monthly payments
SEO score: 9/10



Backlinks, SMM, Usability

Includes Minimal and Middle SEO plans (10)
  • Back-links building Backlinks, based on your keywords list - this is the main feature of any SEO for last 15 years: if your oscommerce website is already ideal for SEO inside, but positions still low, you have to increase external links (backlinks) to your site. More good(only with good trust!) links = better Google positions. Usually we have to buy or(and) rent this links from other trusted sites (blogs, news sites, online stores etc.).
  • External links Articles and notes on other quality sites with a link to your site, links from directory sites, social mentions, rental links and others. On this package, the site will receive 11-25 links / month.
  • Content marketing The package includes 5-10 texts depending on the topic, expertise, size and other factors.
  • Blog posting Posting some articles on you site for your subject( with your top keywords) - 2 articles/month
  • Position statistics Track 150 keywords from 40 categories. More tracked keywords are discussed individually.
  • Usability Continuously work on website usability(both desktop and mobile versions) - to decrease bounce rates and  increase finished orders and make user experience better.
Ordering this package means monthly payments
SEO Audit
Full site check
Store promotion
$300 - $900 / month
More details
Contextual advertising
Google Adwords Context
$100 + 20%
Media advertising
Media Google Adwords
$100 + 20%
Google Shopping
Google feed XML
$100 + 20%

osCommerce Solomono is ready for SEO

You will not need to buy additional modules, program and fine-tune your code for good indexing by search engines.
With us you will save hundreds of dollars and months of time.


ATTENTION! After moving the site from the old version to the new one, you may get a lot of errors in redirects and 404 pages, even if we copy the links of products and categories.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you, independently or with our help, check the site for SEO errors and fix them as soon as possible in order to avoid a drop in positions in the results and, accordingly, a drop in traffic and sales.

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