SEO for osCommerce SoloMono

SEO score: 3/10


From $600/month

Monitoring redirects, fixing meta-fields and html

Suitable for any site. Covers the entire technical side of SEO optimization - from critical errors to website speed.

  • Set up and monitor redirects

    If it`s not fresh install, after platform/template changing, any website always lose some positions and visitors for few months. But if not to do anything, it will lose this position and ranked pages forever. If do - we will save this google positions in 2-3 months and will increase visitors(=sales) from 3-4 months. After website move your site could get many 404 errors (redirects to not existing pages) - we will check all of them manually and make manual redirects in .htaccess, also we will create automatic redirects to many other kinds of pages.

  • Checking and fixing all SEO issues

    (missing H1, meta titles, meta duplicates, structuring data, images alts, wrong redirects, site speed and many others).
    We use for this purpose special software (website SEO analyzers), and then manually will fix all bugs and issues.

  • Optimizing js, html and css speed

  • Website monitoring in Analytics

  • Optimizing frontend code

    Working with robots.txt, html-sitemaps, google XML-sitemaps, optimization of images alts, products meta tags, descriptions etc.

SEO score: 6/10



Semantic core and keywords research

Suitable for small and medium websites. Covers technical, on-page and off-page SEO. Include SEO for up to 70 keywords.

IncludesMinimal SEO plan (5)
  • Complex website keywords planning

    Search specific keywords for your store, find best combinations, compare and find the best keywords from your competitors and keyword planners. In other words, this is list of keywords, by which customers will find your website in search engines.

  • Content marketing (5-10 texts/month)

    Creating SEO-texts for your main page, product categories and products to increase your positions in search engines by this keywords. The package includes 5-10 texts depending on the subject matter, expertise, size and other factors.

  • External links (5-10 backlinks/month)

    To increase the effectiveness of promotion, the site will receive 5-10 links per month (including leased links).

  • Using Google targets

    You could see all clicks on buttons "buy", "checkout", "contact us" and other for each day/week/month and could understand what to change on your site to optimize sales.

  • Keywords statistics (70 keywords)

    Statistics for positions of your keywords in google. You will see spreadsheet with list of your words like "Buy iPhone" or "buy something else" and position (place) in google for this word for each month. In this case you could understand what positions are growing. We use paid services for this, but payment included in current SEO package amount. This package includes tracking 70 keywords from 20 categories.

  • Monthly Full reporting

    Analytics, positions growing, devices, done work etc.

SEO score: 9/10


From $1200/month

Backlinks, SMM, Usability

Suitable for medium and large websites. Covers all aspects of SEO and UX for your website.

Includes Minimal and Middle SEO plans (10)
  • Back-links building

    Backlinks, based on your keywords list - this is the main feature of any SEO for last 15 years: if your oscommerce website is already ideal for SEO inside, but positions still low, you have to increase external links (backlinks) to your site. More good(only with good trust!) links = better Google positions. Usually we have to buy or(and) rent this links from other trusted sites (blogs, news sites, online stores etc.).

  • Content marketing (11-25 texts/month)

    The package includes 5-10 texts depending on the topic, expertise, size and other factors.

  • External links (11-25 backlinks/month)

    Articles and notes on other quality sites with a link to your site, links from directory sites, social mentions, rental links and others. On this package, the site will receive 11-25 links / month.

  • Blog posting (2 texts/month)

    Posting some articles on you site for your subject( with your top keywords) - 2 articles/month

  • Position statistics (150 keywords)

    Track 150 keywords from 40 categories. More tracked keywords are discussed individually.

  • Usability

    Continuously work on website usability(both desktop and mobile versions) - to decrease bounce rates and  increase finished orders and make user experience better.

osCommerce Solomono is ready for SEO

You will not need to buy additional modules, program and fine-tune your code for good indexing by search engines.
With us you will save hundreds of dollars and months of time.


ATTENTION! After moving the site from the old version to the new one, you may get a lot of errors in redirects and 404 pages, even if we copy the links of products and categories.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you, independently or with our help, check the site for SEO errors and fix them as soon as possible in order to avoid a drop in positions in the results and, accordingly, a drop in traffic and sales.

Online store promotion

Online marketplaces today are nothing but a necessity when the average consumer prefers shopping online over visiting a physical store. E-commerce projects are rapidly gaining the favor of modern buyers, because you can order any product without leaving your home, with just a few clicks.

The number of online stores in Ukraine has grown significantly compared to 2010-2015, when many entrepreneurs still preferred to sell products directly (markets, shopping centers, Central Department Stores, kiosks, their own trading floors in different Ukrainian cities).
Now representatives of commercial business are interested in online sales and e-commerce opportunities. Therefore, the promotion of an online store is one of the most popular services among entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

A commercial site can bring profit no less than a traditional chain of stores, but with less investment (rental of premises, utilities, salaries of sellers) with the right promotion strategy. This includes SEO optimization, advertising for an online store, project promotion in social networks and other approaches in combination or as separate campaigns.

What types of promotion of online stores exist?

Promotion of commercial sites is not an easy task. There are many competitors around who offer niche products at the same price or even at a lower cost. Promotion of an online store in Ukraine involves bringing the website to the top positions in various indicators. Thus, the seller can count on a greater reach of the audience and an increase in conversion.

Among the most popular types of promotion of online stores:

  • SEO-promotion (search engine optimization of the site);
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Media advertising and store promotion in social networks;
  • Price aggregators;
  • Teasers.

Let's take a closer look at each option so that it becomes clear what effect you should expect from each type of site optimization and advertising.

Сontextual advertising

Many entrepreneurs rely on paid advertising, which can bring the first results immediately after the launch of the campaign. PPC involves paying search engines (Google, Yandex, another search engine) for the fact that the site of the online store will be placed in the top search results based on the user's key query. Contextual advertising is also configured and launched using partner websites.

It should be noted that PPC cannot be the only way to promote a commercial site. Contextual advertising requires regular investment in order to maintain the leading position of the online store in the search.

Constantly paying for clicks (the main PPC metric) is very costly for an entrepreneur. Therefore, contextual advertising should be considered as an addition to SEO optimization and other approaches to increase the popularity of a commercial site on the network. PPC is great as an auxiliary tool for the comprehensive promotion of an online store.

Media advertising and social networks

Media advertising and promotion of a commercial website on social networks are also considered additional ways to promote an e-commerce online platform. Advertising media banners can become a significant budget item if you invest only in this promotion option.
In turn, social networks allow you to increase the popularity of an online store without significant investment. The seller can create a community on Facebook or a commercial account on Instagram for:

  • Posting;
  • Announcements;
  • Discount notifications;
  • holding competitions;
  • other marketing purposes.

However, experts say that with the help of social networks it is possible to reach only a part of the target audience. Even if you use paid SMM advertising, there is a risk of missing out on the lion's share of the target audience without focusing on the commercial site itself and its SEO optimization. Accordingly, media advertising and social media campaigns should not be considered as the main way to promote an online store in Ukraine.

Teasers and price aggregators

Among the alternative methods of promotion are teasers and price aggregators. Teaser advertising consists in creating a banner that will be placed on partner sites. The teaser should contain key information about the online store or a powerful call to action (CTA) to make users want to go to the advertised website.

Price aggregators are online platforms like Hotline or, where various online trading platforms are compared with the prices of goods. Even new online stores can come to the attention of users if the pricing policy for products is more attractive than that of competitors.
However, both teasers and placement on price aggregators cannot provide full-fledged promotion of a commercial site. The main way to promote an online store is SEO-optimization of e-commerce online trading platforms.

SEO promotion (SEO optimization)

SEO promotion (SEO = search engine optimization) is a comprehensive promotion strategy that is aimed at increasing website conversion by raising the position of an online store in search results. To do this, internal and external optimization is used - this approach ensures the growth of organic traffic, which actually allows you to increase sales by converting high-quality leads into buyers.

Why is SEO promotion a profitable investment?

SEO promotion of an online store is one of the most effective ways to promote e-commerce projects. Marketers consider this approach to be the most profitable. The ratio of "investment-return" is quite profitable, although the result makes you wait about 2-4 months.
The main advantages of SEO optimization include the rapid growth of conversions and the attraction of traffic, which is the main source of high-converting leads. Also, search engine promotion of an online store is:

  • Long-term result - unlike contextual advertising and other paid marketing approaches, SEO optimization provides a "cumulative" effect. You should not expect quick results, because search engines must take into account all the changes in order to index the site. However, all efforts will soon pay off without regular investment in advertising.
  • Conversion growth - clicks fade into the background as a metric, because the high click-through rate of commercial sites does not guarantee an increase in conversion. SEO optimization of an online store allows you to attract high-quality traffic, which means leads that are more likely to become solvent buyers of an online seller.
  • Acceptable cost - in comparison with other methods of promotion, SEO optimization requires less costs, but it will please marketers and SEOs with a return for the efforts. Search promotion can give a stunning result in terms of investment, because the cost of one click in the calculation will be 30-50 kopecks.
  • Brand reputation and store awareness is an important aspect for sales growth, because online stores that are popular are more searched by users. Internal and external optimization is aimed at recognizing the brand, website, seller, so that potential buyers look for an online store and, thereby, increase the position in search results and the reputation of an online trading platform.

Let's look at the main tasks that SEO optimization covers to make sure that this is a 100% integrated approach to the promotion of an online store, where deep knowledge in technological, semantic and digital marketing areas, professionalism and experience are important.

What is included in the SEO promotion of an online store?

External and internal optimization includes many processes to bring an e-commerce site to the top search results. Among the main customizations and configurations:

  • Setting up robots.txt and sitemap - checking robots.txt will block the indexing of duplicate pages and other site elements (administration panel, pages with personal user data, etc.). For an advanced website structure, a sitemap is installed for the online store and Google Search Console is added. The site is also checked for additional links for faster crawling (breadcrumbs, "similar products" option, etc.).
  • Adding an online store to the webmaster tools - in this way, it will be possible to perform a number of tasks, including notifying the search engine about new pages of the site, adjusting the indexing of pages (removing unnecessary ones for indexing), monitoring the operation of the website, monitoring hacking attempts and the presence of viruses, analyzing changes in the position of a commercial project in the search, etc.
  • Setting up meta tags - SEO optimization of an online store is impossible without working out the description and title. The recommended number of characters for meta tags should be taken into account (the descriptor should be no more than 160 characters, and the title should be about 60 characters). To optimize the title and grab the attention of search engines, you should add top keywords to the meta tag. The description should be made interesting and even intriguing in order to increase the number of clicks to the site.
  • CNC optimization - "human-readable-url" is also part of the SEO optimization of an online store. Regular URLs do not contain keywords or other words and phrases that help users immediately understand the content of the site's pages. CNC optimization is to remove random symbols and numbers from the url, but add keywords.
  • Selection of the semantic core - this procedure will help you choose the most relevant keywords. To do this, you need to make a list of words and phrases that describe goods in an online store or services. This can include slang expressions, synonyms for products from catalogs, etc. Next, you need to sort all the items, leaving only potential keywords (they must match the geolocation of the business, assortment, and other search criteria). The end result is words and phrases broken into contextual groups for each page and content for the various sections of the commercial site.
  • Development of the site structure - SEO optimization of an online store involves the creation of an optimal "skeleton" of an online trading platform. The site structure should be clear to users, which is important for improved navigation and clickability. The fewer clicks a potential buyer needs, the better. It is advisable to follow the most SEO-friendly structure, where there is a top menu category, subcategories, filters and tags, as well as products (their cards). It is important to follow the logic and sequence of the elements of the online store in order to ensure a high level of usability and improve the indexing of the website.
  • Writing SEO texts - high-quality content that contains keywords in each section of the website is considered the main component of the search engine promotion of an online store. Texts should correspond to categories, subcategories or other pages (product description, blog, main page). Before you start writing content, you should create a semantic core for an online store. Search engines evaluate SEO texts and offer a commercial site to users according to their request more often (moreover, more accurately).
  • Link buying is important for promotion, as search engines take into account the link citation factor when it comes to positioning sites in search results. Therefore, more effective ranking is possible with the help of buying links. The more digital platforms link to an online store, the higher the reputation of this online platform based on search engine ratings.
  • Link building through other donor sites - for this, you need to choose only suitable Internet resources that correspond to the theme of the store, have high traffic and are well indexed. Donors must be of high quality so as not to harm the search results of the website (ban, filtering, etc.). Therefore, SEO promotion consists in the selection of donor sites that will help build the link mass and raise the online store to the top.

It should be noted that search engine optimization of an online store is a very energy-consuming process. Therefore, owners of commercial sites are not recommended to engage in this promotion on their own.

Why is it not recommended to promote the site yourself?

This process takes a lot of time and resources. It is optimal that the owner of an online store spends the only resource on optimization - financial. Whereas the time costs and physical effort will fall on the shoulders of professionals.

Most entrepreneurs want to save money, believing they can handle it on their own. However, in most cases, expectations fail due to the constant lack of time (business moments, personal life, communication with suppliers, customers, etc.).

But speed is very important here, since days, weeks, months wasted are competitors who will surely outperform the seller with their optimized ecommerce projects. Therefore, in order to reach the top of the search, it is important not to hesitate, but to work on the promotion of the online store right now.

It is also important to remember that without experience in search engine optimization, it will be difficult to achieve the desired result. For example, an entrepreneur may make a mistake in one of the promotion processes, and face blocking of the site by search engines. Thus, sales not only do not grow, but fall - due to the website falling under the filter of Google, Yandex, etc.

The cost of SEO promotion of online stores

Each online project is unique in nature (structure, products, message, pricing, design). Therefore, it is difficult to imagine an identical cost for SEO optimization for both large entrepreneurs and sellers who have just launched a trading business.
The cost of promoting an online store depends on many factors. The main ones are:

  • Competition – it will not be easy to get around the top representatives of the niche, but with high-quality SEO promotion it is possible. But the budget will also be required higher if the competition is high.
  • Business localization - it will be easier to promote an online store in a small Ukrainian city than in a metropolis. Therefore, the price tag will be higher for the promotion of shopping websites with a large territorial coverage.
  • Technical background - if you need not only SEO promotion, but also work with the technical component of the website, then the cost can be much higher. For example, the price tag will increase for the need to increase the site loading speed, improve navigation, etc.
  • Products - the larger the range, the more product cards that should be optimized for search results. The volume of work is growing, as is the price of promoting an online store.
  • Key queries - if the seller wants to promote high-frequency keywords, then it will be more expensive. The price of promotion of an online store directly depends on the frequency of keywords.

It should also be noted that the cost of SEO optimization will vary from service package. For example, one customer only needs general analytics and monitoring of the site's search results, while another wants to work with the semantic core and improve the usability of the website.
Depending on the list of necessary options, the final price of promoting an online store is formed.

SEO promotion of online stores by SoloMono

SoloMono offers three packages of online store promotion services. Each customer will be able to find a suitable set of options for their needs. Pricing flexibility is not the only advantage of SoloMono. A team of SEO specialists is ready to improve the e-commerce online platform:

  1. The technical side of SEO-promotion is covered.
  2. Monitoring and analysis of the SEO indicators of the online store is carried out.
  3. The website code, speed of scripts, layout, etc. is optimized.
  4. An integrated approach to the selection of keywords is provided.

Each service package is characterized by professional implementation of internal and external SEO optimization at an affordable price. SoloMono clients who ordered the development of an online store on the company's unique platform can count on ready-made solutions for search promotion.
The thing is that CMS SoloMono is already suitable for the promotion of an online store in its structure. No additional code customization modules and other technical components are required. This is a significant savings on investments - the owners of online stores receive:

  • pure html;
  • correct schema markup;
  • optimized tags, scripts and styles;
  • breadcrumbs option, sitemap structure, etc.

Thus, the creation of an online store based on the SoloMono platform is far-sighted prospects and profitable investments. Online marketplaces on a different engine can count on fast migration and SEO-friendly CMS. You can also always order the services of a working online store without “moving” to the platform.

Orientation to different needs of customers depending on the budget and functionality is an individual approach of SoloMono. Entrust the promotion of an online store in Ukraine to a professional team of marketers and SEOs. So you will rationally plan the budget for promotion and be satisfied with the level of conversion, traffic growth and site positions in search results!