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Date of creation : 2020-12-18
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SEO Templates
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SEO Templates is a must-have module for any SEO, and for any store owner who plans not only to look at his site, but also to get traffic and profit from it.

The SEO Templates module allows you to set individual templates for the meta title and meta description fields for the main types of online store pages.

This is necessary so that the optimizer or store owner can fine-tune the display of meta fields for each group of pages, for example, one template of meta tags is displayed for some categories, and for another group of pages it is displayed in a different format.

SEO Templates can be applied to such pages:

  • - Home page
  • - Products
  • - Categories
  • - Manufacturers (brands)
  • - Search results page

Example SEO Template:



  • {{CATEGORY_NAME}} - the name of the category of this product
  • {{PRODUCT_NAME}} - the name of the current product
  • {{STORE_NAME}} - the name of your online store
  • {{PRODUCT_PRICE}} - product price

If you don’t buy this module, it doesn’t mean that you will have empty meta title and meta description fields. By default, the store already has a standard template for each of the specified groups, and this template is hardcoded into the site code. If you want to register meta-fields for a specific product (or category, manufacturer), this option is available in the basic version of the site, this can be done right on the product editing page. But if you have a lot of such products, then it's easier to fill in (or change) their meta-fields using SEO templates.

We also recommend that you look at the "Search Pages" module, which is useful for SEO.

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