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SEO-friendly URLs

Date of creation : 2018-09-20
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SEO-friendly URLs
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An important advantage of online stores on the "Solomono" platform is SEO-friendly links to website pages. They boost your store in search results and are an important element of your promotion strategy. The SEO-friendly links module is responsible for the formation of clear URLs. It allows you to:

  • generate simple, accurate and relevant URLs that are understandable to search engines and necessary for good rankings;
  • transfer the main information about the page in the address bar;
  • embed hyphens between the words of the link for readability;
  • exclude those characters that the search engine does not index;
  • replace uppercase letters with lowercase to avoid duplication.

In addition, links in online stores created on the Solomono platform are "friendly" not only to search bots, but also to customers. Human-readable urls are easy to read. Looking at them, the user immediately understands which section of the site he is in, which increases the convenience of using and finding the right products.

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