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SEO filter

SEO filter - this module is designed to create separate pages for different results of filtering products in the catalog.

In order for the site to be found by search engines (for example, Google), it must be "indexed" by them. That is, the search engine must go to the site and read it, and make notes for itself.If product filters are used on the site, the search engine will not make a note that, for example, you have a red Apple phone, because there is no direct link to such a page on the site. To correct this situation, the "SEO filters" functionality is designed, which allows you to create a direct link to the page that will be read by the search engine and appear in the search results for the results of certain filtering.

The Solomono team has developed a convenient functionality for working with SEO filters. In fact, the module allows you to create many virtual product categories built on the basis of filtering in the catalog, and set a separate name, description and meta tags for them.

In terms of SEO, the module allows you to create the number of pages you need for low-frequency queries (for example, "buy a white samsung smartphone with a 12mp camera").

In the administration panel section SEO -> SEO filter, click "+" to add a new filter:

In the new window, you must fill in the fields.

Clarification! The fields must be filled in all available languages of your online store:

You have the ability to edit or delete existing filters, to do this, in the "Action" column, select the required button:



The result is the output on the site:

That is, when selecting the product group Laptops -> Lenovo -> color "Orange", a search result will be displayed with products of the laptop category, in which the attributes contain orange products.

At the same time, for a general group of similar products, you can independently set your meta tags (title, description, h1) and your description (both short and detailed), which will unite your group of products and improve the result of displaying products for viewing when searching :

The result that is displayed on the site is added / edited in the admin panel, through the SEO -> SEO filter section:


where you can either create a new SEO filter or edit an existing one by clicking on the "Pencil" icon

An important point is to fill in the "SEO url" field, if it is not filled in, the SEO filter will not work.

SEO URL is a page address that can be understood not only by a robot, but also by a person, the so-called human-understandable URL. Only one domain or subdomain should be used when creating an SEO URL. Do not use too many duplicate keywords in the URL. The best word separator in the URL is a hyphen, and only lowercase should be used in the URL.

Last updated on: 04/01/2024