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Date of creation : 2020-12-17
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Module Solomono Microdata allows to transfer basic information from a page to search engines in a structured way. The micro-markup code creates an extended SERP that grabs the attention of users in the SERP. micro-markup is a standard for presenting the structure of a site, important data from its pages to search engines for the formation of an informative option in the search results and promotion to the top. The click-through rate of this search option is much higher compared to the usual one, since in the extended form the preview of the page looks more attractive. dictionary is officially confirmed by the search giants: Google, Yandex, Bing and Yahoo. This module is implemented through JSON for Linking Data - it is a way to create a network of standardized machine-readable data on websites. This allows an application to launch from one piece of related data and follow inline links to other pieces of related data that are hosted on different sites on the Internet.

The use of provides the following descriptions:

  • - Microdata of goods
  • - Breadcrumbs In a snippet, this micro-markup demonstrates the structure of a site, section or page.
  • - Reviews of buyers, users.
  • - ranking microdata. Indicates the rating of a product, service or other object using stars.
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