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Reports on goods with zero

Date of creation : 2020-12-22
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Reports on goods with zero

Controlling the quantity of goods and their timely replenishment is an important point of the online store . Often, it is more difficult to complete it than in offline points of sale, because the manager does not see either the buyers or the products being sold live, and the purchasing and sales departments can be scattered across different regions, and even countries. Zero Quantity Product Reports Module Solomono will simplify the work of an online store manager or owner.

The module generates a convenient and complete report, which contains all the names of goods that are already completely sold out. You can copy this information and quickly place an order with suppliers or replenish stock in another way (for example, if you are the manufacturer yourself). This way, you keep your sales steady. An important and useful feature! In online stores created on the Solomono platform, it is impossible to sell goods that are out of stock. This will help you stay true to your customers' expectations by mistakenly selling out of stock.

The report also allows you to quickly change information about a product, in particular - its quantity in stock - making it available again for buyers. Just click on the number, model or name and an editing window will open.

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