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Report - "Clients"

Any online store is created in order to sell and generate income. Do you want your online store to succeed? Do analytics. It will help you adjust your work and find the best business management solutions.

One of the important principles of marketing is that retaining existing customers is cheaper than attracting new ones. Therefore, it is very important to analyze information about your customers.

The Solomono team has developed a number of statistical reports, one of which is the "Clients" report. The report is managed through the administration panel: -> "Reports" -> "Clients":

Where you are provided with such statistical reports as:

  • Top clients - "Best clients by total orders";

According to this report, you can set the required period of validity, and in the column "Total amount of orders" for analysis, select customers with the largest or smallest amounts of orders, also in the report columns there is a filter from larger to smaller and vice versa "arrows up / down", for easier data viewing:

  •   New clients - "New accounts";

According to this report, for analysis, you can also set the required validity period, as well as, and on a specific date, how many, for example, new accounts were registered on that day and orders were created from them:

Last updated on: 27/04/2023