Instructions - Products (Excel) import

The "Import (Excel)" module allows you to import products and categories into your online store from in .xlsx format.

The "Import (Excel)" module is available on rental packages Basic, Turbo Sales, and Pro.

Before importing products, we recommend making a backup. The "Database Backup" module is available on the Pro package.

To perform the import, go to the "Products" - "Import/Export" - "Import" - " (Excel)" page.

On this page, specify the main language and currency of your import file in the respective fields. Then click "Select .xlsx file" to choose a file to upload. The file format must be .xlsx.

You can check the "Import images?" box if you want the product images to be imported, but note that this will extend the import time. Additionally, you can select the "Clear current database of products / categories / manufacturers / attributes" to completely clear the catalog before importing. After setting up, click "Download" to start the import process.

Important! Please wait for the import to complete before navigating to other Admin Panel pages. During the import process, the page will be loading. Expect an output on how many products, categories, manufacturers, attributes, and attribute values were added.

Last updated on: 04/06/2024