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Products multi-manager

Date of creation : 2020-12-22
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Products multi-manager
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Bulk Product Management Module is designed to make it as easy as possible to work with goods, regardless of their quantity.

You can go to the product management page in the admin menu item - Products / Product management. An additional function is that on this page you can change the statuses of goods.

For ease of use, you can use the search by the name of a specific product or category, select the desired category from the drop-down list, or double-click to go to the desired category. On the page of each section below, you can see the number of categories and products in it.

For mass action with goods, you just need to mark the ones you are interested in, or by clicking one button, select all at once.

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Further, the following actions will become available to you:

  1. copying - after selecting this option, you will be prompted to move, duplicate the product itself, or just a link to the category that you need to select from the drop-down list;
  2. delete - here you just need to check the “delete” checkbox and select the type of deletion from the list: from a category or completely.

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