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Date of creation : 2020-12-22
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Products in stock
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In online sales, it is important to provide the buyer with reliable information about the availability of the product. For this we have developed the Products in stock module. It displays the current status of the product - "In stock or Out of stock".

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Important - when "Out of stock" the product becomes unavailable for purchase - the "Buy" and "Buy in one click" buttons are hidden. But the client can still read the description, see images, reviews, add "To Wishlist". Thanks to this, he will be able to think over and make a purchase when the goods arrive at the warehouse.

It is easy to edit the number of products in stock - this can be done by the owner or manager of the online store through the admin panel in the description of each product. Specify the actual number or 0, if it is absent. The specified information is immediately displayed on the site.

When placing orders, the number of purchased goods is automatically deducted from the total number in the warehouse thanks to the setting in the admin panel - Warehouse-> Subtract the quantity of goods upon purchase.

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