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Product images slider

Date of creation : 2018-09-20
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Product images slider
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The product image slider module is intended for the most detailed acquaintance with all added product images and consists of two parts:

  1. The main slider with one picture on the screen. You can change slides by flipping through them using the navigation, or using an additional block, which contains thumbnails of all images;
  2. A block with images in miniature. By clicking on such an element, the main slider will scroll to the desired image. Depending on the template, a small slider can function as a thumbnail block. You can view all the elements in this slider using the navigation.

For a more detailed view of the image - you need to click on the picture of the main slider, after which it will open on the screen in natural size.

If a product has an attribute of the "Color" type with different images for each of the values, then when you switch them, the loaded images will be displayed in the main slider.

Product images slider - 1

Product images slider - 2

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