Pricing & Plans

To find out the exact cost of creating an online store, select a service package and template.

1Сhoose plan:
Startup $300
One-time payment for 1 domain
  • 79 basic modules (show all)
  • Easy admin panel
  • Adaptive design
  • High website speed
  • Fast One Page Checkout
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Medium $1280
One-time payment for 1 domain
  • 106 modules (show all)
  • Payment methods
  • Filters
  • Social modules
  • Multilingualism
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Maximum $3465
One-time payment for 1 domain
  • 140 modules (show all)
  • Maximum ready for SEO
  • Import, upload, integration
  • Additional notifications
  • Social authorization
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Individual from $5000
One-time payment for 1 domain
  • Custom design
  • Individual functionality
  • One-time SEO adjust
  • Chat support
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2Сhoose design
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Paid modules
Basic functionality (view all 78 modules)
Payment and Shipping
Admin panel
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One-time payment for 1 domain
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Your bonuses when creating a website, an online store in SoloMono

When creating an online store, each client receives a dozen advantages, unlike similar offers:

  1. To create an online store, the price starts from 300 € - this is a fully functional online hypermarket with an infinite number of products. To date, this is the lowest price for a resource with such capabilities.
  2. We offer the creation of a selling online store. As strange as this phrase may sound, not every website sells. Our focus is on the conversion store, with CTA buttons that call to buy, go, apply. Product photos look attractive, and visual banners immediately direct the client to the right section.
  3. An expert technical support team will assist in any matter of site administration. Creating an online store website is always accompanied by competent advice.
  4. Sites are adapted for mobile devices and social networks: beautiful social media group widgets delight our customers.
  5. Our programmers have achieved the high speed of the SoloMono platform. About 1000 products are loaded in 2.3 seconds. The faster the speed, the more sales!
  6. Create a store, use the import of goods and start selling the very next day - this is possible thanks to the ability to upload XML, CSV, Excel files.
  7. You can create an online store with subsequent SEO promotion - the platform is fully prepared for SEO.
  8. You can create an online store in 9 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French and Greek, which will allow you to promote your business abroad. In addition, we can quickly translate the site into the language you need.
  9. You can create an online store on one of 6 themes: "Health", "Clothes", "Laptops", "Gadgets", "Phones", "Home".
  10. The most popular payment systems and delivery services are integrated.
  11. Do you want to make an online store at a super low price? Find out how to get up to 40% off SoloMono.
  12. Thanks to the flexible and intuitive settings and the constructor, even a beginner will understand the admin panel.
  13. Our affiliate program will allow you to receive additional income.
  14. The site is available for free testing for 14 days.
  15. Before creating an online store, its structure is carefully worked out: pages, categories and subcategories, product filters by characteristics and brands. All this is aimed at further promotion of IM.
Creation of websites, online stores with subsequent promotion

Most recently, we began to offer our clients the creation of online stores with subsequent SEO promotion. You can also choose from one of the promotion packages that suits your budget.

To begin with, we develop the structure of the menu, categories and subcategories, pages and filters. An SEO specialist collects a semantic core and starts promotion work. You will feel our work to increase the number of applications and orders on your site.

We will not stop at SEO promotion. We plan to offer an even more complete range of services and wider functionality.

Why creating an online store on SoloMono is the best option

Creating an online store on the SoloMono platform is the golden mean and the best option for small and medium-sized businesses. Our customers choose the feature set they need. At the same time, even an advanced package with the maximum number of functions will be comfortable on a budget.

By applying different color schemes and swapping blocks, you can create your own unique design. If additional functionality is needed, webmasters are always ready for super-complex tasks. The money you save is better spent on SEO and marketing.

When creating an online store, we choose a reliable hosting provider that guarantees data security and uninterrupted server operation. Before launch, the resource is tested for bugs. Clients receive constant technical support and quickly learn how to work in the admin panel.

Creating an online store on your own

The creation of an online store can be entrusted to the most responsible, serious and determined person - yourself. There are dozens of engines, hacked and free, that webmasters post for free. True, creating an online store with your own hands will require at least 2 months of self-education from you:

  • in the field of HTML and CSS layout;
  • choosing a hosting and installing a platform for hosting;
  • installation of plug-ins, extensions, modules;

After 2 months of work, side effects of the tempting “free” offer are often revealed: it turns out that the engine code is “leaky”, which is a magnet for hackers. Or it turns out that the installed module or extension is not adapted to your location/language/currency. There can be many nuances because this is a free engine and no one can give guarantees.

Creating an online store on your own is a time-consuming, labor-intensive business for an entrepreneur who has not been trained in programming.

How much does it cost to create a turnkey online store

Creating an online store from scratch at a cost can reach more than 100 thousand UAH. The price includes development for individual requests: functionality and design, layout in HTML and CSS, testing. A whole team of specialists is working on the site. Powerful? Yes. Expensive? - Undoubtedly.
If you have a small business with a modest budget, then this option can be financially cumbersome and unaffordable.

How much does it cost to create an online store - price

In SoloMono, you can create an online store on one of 3 tariff packages:

  1. Startup (the basis of the engine 79 modules) – $300
  2. Medium (the basis of the engine 106 modules) - $1230
  3. Maximum (the basis of the engine 140 modules) - $3640

In addition, Solomono platform specialists are ready to implement individual wishes - just fill out an application for additional development. Did you know how much it costs to create an online store in Ukraine? The price depends on the quality of the resource you need to create. Let's dwell on this in more detail.

Create an online store with full functionality in 1 day

Surely you have already weighed all the pros and cons of creating an online store for your business, and we are more than sure that the decision was positive. No one has any doubts that today you need to bring your business online. Behind this is transparent statistics and bare facts:

  1. You need to create an online online store so that existing customers can shop as often as possible, because you don’t need to get to an offline point;
  2. If the business is located locally and tied to a certain city, then it is necessary to create an online store to reach customers throughout Ukraine.
  3. With the help of IM, you can strengthen the connection with your customers. Make a periodic newsletter, constantly remind yourself, share news, promotions and discounts, and the loyalty of your brand fans will only increase.
  4. You can create an online store even if you do not have your own warehouse and goods in stock. Just work on the dropshipping system.
  5. Creating online stores is financially profitable. There is no need to rent a room, pay utilities, salaries to sellers. If you create an online store intuitively simple and understandable for the user, then purchases will be carried out even without the participation of call center operators in auto mode.
It remains only to try it, of course it's free.