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You get the fastest online store in the world and the tools to improve it. For example, an easy-to-understand web builder, convenient product and order management, marketing tools, and much more.

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Create and develop your own
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using a powerful website builder

  • Choose among designer-designed themes for different industries. All of them are adapted for mobile devices, support SEO optimization and are easy to customize.
  • Manage your own online store with an intuitive management system, edit the design and, if necessary, order other custom add-ons.
  • Get instant access to hundreds of powerful features including product management, marketing tools, advertising, social media integration and more.

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Benefits of buying an online store

Useful integrations for conveniently
serving your customers

Promote your business
marketing tools

Social Media

Run targeted advertising and remarketing to your website with Facebook Pixel integration

Contextual advertising

Integration with Google Merchant Center, media and search advertising on your own domain


Automatically record your sales and product statuses in your personal account

Google Analytics

Track in-store events and conversions, analyze the audience and behavior of your customers


Solomono is the best adapted SEO platform that fulfills all the main requirements of search engines

SMS Newsletters

Increase customer loyalty with sms — integration with turboSMS, SMSFly, SMSClub, TWILIO is available

E-mail Newsletters

Set up automatic mailings and notify your customers about current promotions thanks to integration with Mailchimp, Getresponse, Sendpulse


We support automatic upload to several popular aggregators such as Rozetka, Price.ua, Hotline, e-Katalog

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* Will be determined after choosing design and tariff.

* The cost of developing similar functionality
from scratch is from and will take near months

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Prices on the website are quoted in foreign currencies for promotional purposes only. Actual payment for services will be made in Ukrainian hryvnias (UAH)
according to the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) at the time of payment

Customized solutions

for stores
with a large assortment

Solomono offers custom and powerful solutions for large wholesale stores and complex B2B e-commerce platforms.

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Popular questions about buying online stores:

Who is the right person to buy an online store for?

Buying an online store is the best solution for those who want to run their business without monthly payments, develop their own brand, and be independent of marketplace conditions. That is, the store belongs to you, and the code is completely open, which allows you to change anything on the site.

Every entrepreneur will find an advantage for themselves.

Beginners in e-commerce:

  • will get a ready-made online store without long-term development and at a reasonable cost;
  • will easily create a functional store based on professional designs.

Sellers in social networks:

  • will get an additional platform for effective sales;
  • will never lose their store due to the usual blocking in social networks.

Sellers on marketplaces:

  • will increase brand awareness thanks to an online store on their own domain;
  • will stop paying commissions for sales;
  • will customize the functionality of the store to their needs.
How is the security and protection of my data and customer data maintained?

Your privacy and data security is our priority. To ensure them, we do the following:

  1. We use an SSL security certificate on all sites hosted by Solomono. All data packets during sessions on the site are transmitted in an encrypted form. This means that attackers cannot intercept the personal data that users enter on your website. Their account logins and passwords, bank card numbers, and email addresses are all protected.
  2. The databases contain only an encrypted hash of our customers' passwords. Therefore, even access to the database does not give access to customer's passwords.
  3. There is no direct access to the project's service folders, logs, site configuration files, or database backups. The web server configuration is built in such a way that there is no external access to the data.
What opportunities does buying an online store open up for a business?

Buying an online store opens up great opportunities for businesses:

  • Stability. You no longer need to depend on changes in package tariffs or pay a commission for the sale of goods.
  • Promotion of your own brand. You do not need to pay for advertising in favor of marketplaces or competitors, you build your own brand.
  • Functionality for your needs. Customize your store to your needs, from technical details to design. And if you need non-standard functionality, Solomono specialists are ready to develop it specifically for you.
  • No restrictions. Your store will be built on open source, which gives you more flexibility and opportunities for expansion.
Which plan is right for me?

This is really individual.

Our most popular plan is Basic, which includes the necessary functionality to get started: multilingualism, import of goods and their quantity up to 2000 items, integration with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta and 107 additional modules. Usually, this is enough to start online sales, and then you can buy the necessary functionality separately..

If you find it difficult to determine which plan is best for you, you can ask our manager all the important questions. He will help you navigate.

Can I quickly move to Solomono from the marketplace?

Yes, it's quite easy because most marketplaces provide a feed (a list of your products in XML or CSV format). Thanks to it, you can automatically upload, for example, price lists, photos, and product descriptions in XML, CSV, XLS, etc.

In particular, prom.ua and OLX definitely provide such an opportunity. Therefore, there will be no problems with migration. After all, you will be able to take the files downloaded from the marketplace and upload them to Solomono..

What integrations, applications, and payment systems are supported?

Speaking of payment systems, online stores from Solomono can work with:

  • PrivatBank;
  • Monobank;
  • Wayforpay;
  • Google Pay;
  • Apple Pay;
  • Fondy;
  • and others.

Integrations with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta have also been implemented.

There are integrations with marketplaces: Hotline, Rozetka, Price.ua, Prom.ua, and CRM (SalesDrive, KeyCRM).

If you don't see the integration you need in this answer, it doesn't mean that we don't have it. Ask a manager here.

Is it possible to quickly migrate to Solomono from osCommerce?

In fact, our development team revived the legendary osCommerce, improved it, and added a wide range of modern modules. Therefore, we can say that Solomono and osCommerce are very close relatives, so your migration will be easy and fast.

How will support be organized and what communication channels are available?

For your convenience, we have provided several ways of communication. First of all, you get access to a live chat with technical support, which promptly responds to your requests.

You can also contact us through the following communication channels:

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, of course, we believe that an online store owner should be as independent as possible. So, you can use your own domain or get a domain from Solomono at any plan.

Do you have any other questions?

Haven’t found an answer to your question? We invite you to a free consultation with our manager, where we will find the best solution for you.