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Połączenie online-konsultant

Before you start connecting the Online Assistant, make sure that this module is installed and enabled. Go to the Admin panel of your website - Modules - SOLO modules and find the Online Consultant:

You have already installed an online consultant on your website , but in order to use it, you need to register, which you can do by following the link:

After you have completed the registration, you will be taken to the window for connecting an advisor:

On this page, fill in the data as you wish:

On the next page, you customize the appearance of your advisor:

Next you will see the code of your widget. You need to copy the value between the quotes and paste it on your website, as shown in the image below. (Key = appId, name = organization).You need to go to the Admin panel of your website. Then go to Settings - Online consultant.

You can enable/disable the online consultant by moving the slider (make it active/inactive).

After that, complete the settings on the website of Нelpcrunch. You will see a message about the successful installation of the widget. But if this does not happen, wait 5-10 minutes for the data to be updated.

If you suddenly missed the step with the widget code, you can always find it in your Нelpcrunch account by clicking on settings and selecting your widget:

zaktualizowane: 28/03/2024