Jak podłączyć Menedżera tagów Google

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update tracking codes and related code snippets on your website or mobile app.

In order to connect Google Tag Manager, you first need to register with the service or log in if you already have an account. To create a Google Tag Manager account, you need to log in to your Google account and go to the page https://tagmanager.google.com/#/admin/accounts/create and fill in all the data there:

  • Account name (any name, you can use the name of your store)
  • Country (select the country where your store is located)
  • Container name (enter a link to your store, for example: "demo.solomono.net")
  • Target platform (select "Web")

After filling in the data, click "Create" and agree to the terms of service in a separate window, after which your Google Tag Manager account will be created.

Now you can add tags to your Google Tag Manager account in the Tags tab.  To do this, go to the tab and click "New":

In the window that appears, there are two fields: in the first "Tag Configuration" field, you need to select the tag that will be displayed, and in the second "Triggering" field, you need to specify the conditions when this tag will be displayed on the site.

For example, if you want to display the Google Analytics tag, you need to click on "Tag Configuration", select "Google Analytics", and then select "Google Tag" or "Google Analytics GA4 Event" and enter the Google Analytics tag (but for the analytics to work correctly on the site, it must be connected through the admin panel, more details can be found in this manual https://solomono.net/how-to-connect-google-analytics-a-565.html).

If you need to connect another tag, for example, Google Ads, you need to click on Tag Configuration and select Google Ads or the tag you need.

After that, you need to configure the conditions when this tag will work on the site. To do this, select Triggers and a condition, for example, All pages:

After that, click "Save" in the right corner of the page, enter an arbitrary name for the tag, for example, "Google Analytics" and save.

When all the tags are configured, you can publish the Google Tag to make it work and save all the settings. To do this, click "Submit" in the right corner of the page:

Enter an arbitrary version name and description, and click Publish:

Our tag has been successfully created! Now you can add Google Tag Manager to your website by copying the tag itself: "GTM-XXXXXXXX":

Next, you need to go to the admin panel of the site in SEO -- SEO Settings and find the Google Tag Manager ID setting there, insert the tag and save:

Done, the tag has been added to the site!

zaktualizowane: 28/03/2024