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Jak dodać tag HTML do mojej strony internetowej (aby potwierdzić własność)?

If you want to connect a third-party service to your website, such as Google Search Console, you will need to verify ownership of your site. Typically, services offer various options for verification. You can easily and quickly verify ownership through an HTML tag. Find the tag in the provided lists and copy the code.

Now we need to add this meta tag to the homepage of the site. To do this, go to the Admin Panel of your website, navigate to Configuration - My Store, find the Code Settings. You will see the required field, Including custom Meta-tags in head. Click "Edit" and paste the copied value there.

After that, go back to the service page where you obtained this code and click Confirm. Congratulations! You have successfully connected the Meta-tag to your site. In this way, you can connect various Meta-tags that you need.

zaktualizowane: 19/01/2024