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Date of creation : 2024-02-13
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CRM integrations

Do you want to manage all your orders in one application? "The SalesDrive Module" is an integration of the SalesDrive CRM system into your store. The tool allows you not only to conveniently keep records, but also to improve sales efficiency through process automation.

The connected system will independently create orders and collect all the necessary information:

  • customer data;
  • a list of products with prices;
  • selected payment method;
  • data for delivery;
  • order status.

When a business has information, it can keep up with the pulse of customer needs and market trends, analyze the results and improve efficiency. This will improve the customer experience, and as a result, scale without borders.

Turn the data you collect into actionable sales strategies with SalesDrive.

You can find the instructions for working with SalesDrive at this link.

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