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Checkbox PRRO

Date of creation : 2024-02-13
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Checkbox PRRO
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Forget about the complicated fiscalization process. With the CHECKBOX module, doing business will become more profitable and easier than ever.

In simple terms, ChekBox is an alt="Checkbox PRRO - 1" ernative to a cash register for online sales. You need this functional module to issue a receipt to a customer, prepare reports for the tax authorities, and simplify accounting. Connect this profitable tool in just a few clicks.

Easy to set up

You only need to enter the data you receive after registering your account on the official website of in the admin panel.

How does the module work?

To send an order receipt to Checkbox, you just need to press one button. One click — and the receipt will be sent to your account and the tax office automatically. What could be more convenient?

And if you accidentally press the button again, the system will warn you that this receipt has already been sent. You will see a modal window with the question "Do you want to re-generate the receipt?" and two buttons to choose from: "Yes" or "No".

Integrate CHECKBOX to increase your business efficiency.

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