osCommerce templates

Design by: Solomon

Design by: Solomon

Design by: Bokolesnik

Design by: Bokolesnik

Design by: Bokolesnik

Design by: Dasha

OsCommerce templates - themes for your online store.

Before you start ecommerce store, you need to carefully consider its design. For example, for ecommerce website of men's watches, the design should be concise and presentable, in appropriate shades. And for an online cosmetics store, the design and structure should be completely different, adapted to a different user group.

We offer you to choose one of the attractive themes - oscommers templates for your ecommerce store. All of them are adapted for mobile versions. In each template, you can create animations and other effects to increase sales. Each client has the ability to customize it, add new blocks and change colors.

We offer several different osCommerce templates:

  1. Clothing
  2. Laptops
  3. Health
  4. Gadgets
  5. Phones

You can offer osCommers template design by yourself, we will always help you and try to make your dreams come true.

Modern, stylish, selling osCommerce templates.

Our osCommerce templates have been designed for the modern user: large photos of products, large and stylish fonts, minimal design for pleasant viewing on mobile devices, quiet colors, no extra blocks that distract from purchases. We paid attention to the banners at the top of the site, as they contribute to quick transitions to the desired category.

On the main page of our osCommerce templates we posted a user survey that helps you gather useful information. Also on the main page you can find customers reviews about products. All this contributes to the retention of users on the site and increase sales.

We also tried to customize the product page in ocommerce templates. It is also helpful for its minimalism and is devoid of cumbersome texts that may scare the buyer. Each text block has its own separate tab. Below are the recommended products to the main, which favorably affects the increase in the average check.

Our experts and designers carefully thought through every nuance to make your ecommerce store as attractive as possible to the customer. You just need to choose the option for your product. Start a successful business today! The template will be connected on the day of order and will be ready to be filled with products.