osCommerce templates

Design by: Solomon

Design by: Solomon

Design by: Bokolesnik

Design by: Bokolesnik

Design by: Bokolesnik

Design by: Dasha

What is oscommerce templates

Oscommerse templates is the design of your online store on the same CMS. The template should be matched according to subject and target audience of your product so that the buyer immediately understood that offers online store.

Oscommerse templates perfect for small businesses, because developing a unique design can begin from$ 2000. Another advantage of templates is that they are ready to launch on the same day. All you need to do is fill out the online shop goods.

There are paid and free templates for osCommerce. We consider the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Compare oscommerce templates for free and Solomono’s templates

Our team took into account all the weaknesses of free oscommerce templates and modified them. We have made a comparison table to clearly show the differences


Free Oscommerce Templates

SoloMono’s Templates

Easy installation

Need basic programming skills

Installation and replacement of the template is understandable to the average user

Hidden links in template code



Ability to edit blocks






Rich functionality


We have equipped the templates with everything that can be useful for the successful operation of the online store

Technical support

Information must be sought on thematic forums

Our experts advise 24/7

Adaptability for different countries

There may be imperfections in the translation

SoloMono templates translated into 4 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish

Correctness when upgrading CMS to a newer version

High probability of errors and failures when updating CMS

Our experts constantly monitor that everything worked correctly when updating the platform

Adaptability for mobile devices

Need to find


What should be the ocommerce template templates in 2020

In 2020 oscommers templates must meet the special requirements of customers. Users today have already formed the so-called " visual glut" on high-quality graphics and video effects. Has changed and requirements for navigation. Here are the main criteria that must meet the oscommerse template in 2020:

1. Versatility

Templates oscommerce needs to be multilateral. This means that each pattern must be suitable for the performance of any product and show it to the buyer in the best possible way. Should be able to download a large number of high-quality photos and videos, and the website don't have long to boot.

2. The ability to edit

Well, when oscommerce themes can be customized. Then the owner of an online store can create a quality site with unique design.

3. Adaptability for mobile devices

Site templates oscommerce needs to be adapted for mobile devices, as the share of mobile traffic is growing steadily.

4. Flexibility

The administrator should be able to produce a flexible template settings oscommerse, for example, upload your logo, change contact information, change the block of seats, add or remove blocks, upload banners etc.

5. Easy to use

Well, if the template oscommers is intuitive and easy to use, not only programmers, but ordinary businessmen who have never touched programming.

6. UX design

Best design oscommerce is one that adapted to the user. Today, UX design pay a lot of attention, as this indicator depends on the success of the business and higher sales. Behavior maps, fast navigation, minimum number of fields in the order forms etc. Every detail plays a key role and is shown for conversion.

What are the features of free oscommerce templates

Free web templates oscommerce undoubtedly good because they are free, however they have significant drawbacks:

• hidden links

• inability to change or remove/add blocks

• not unique

In addition to these disadvantages of free oscommerce responsive template there is still significant 2: large amount of time on selecting the appropriate template and updating functionality. Usually, after download of free oscommerce templates is missing a significant part of the functionality. The owner decides to remove one template and install another. Such manipulation takes a very long time. In the end for additional functionality, you still need to pay. Also, when you upgrade engine to the latest version, you may experience failures in the online store.

Our team chose osCommerce CMS because we sure it is the best platform for creating online stores. We have improved the code and eliminate all weaknesses, has developed oscommerce responsive templates to increase conversion and sales.

We also offer free template osCommerce – “Laptops”, which is included in the minimum package.

OsCommerce templates - themes for your online store.

Before you start ecommerce store, you need to carefully consider its design. For example, for ecommerce website of men's watches, the design should be concise and presentable, in appropriate shades. And for an online cosmetics store, the design and structure should be completely different, adapted to a different user group.

We offer you to choose one of the attractive themes - oscommers templates for your ecommerce store. All of them are adapted for mobile versions. In each template, you can create animations and other effects to increase sales. Each client has the ability to customize it, add new blocks and change colors.

We offer several different osCommerce templates:

  1. Clothing
  2. Laptops
  3. Health
  4. Gadgets
  5. Phones

You can offer osCommers template design by yourself, we will always help you and try to make your dreams come true.

Modern, stylish, selling osCommerce templates.

Our osCommerce templates have been designed for the modern user: large photos of products, large and stylish fonts, minimal design for pleasant viewing on mobile devices, quiet colors, no extra blocks that distract from purchases. We paid attention to the banners at the top of the site, as they contribute to quick transitions to the desired category.

On the main page of our osCommerce templates we posted a user survey that helps you gather useful information. Also on the main page you can find customers reviews about products. All this contributes to the retention of users on the site and increase sales.

We also tried to customize the product page in ocommerce templates. It is also helpful for its minimalism and is devoid of cumbersome texts that may scare the buyer. Each text block has its own separate tab. Below are the recommended products to the main, which favorably affects the increase in the average check.

Our experts and designers carefully thought through every nuance to make your ecommerce store as attractive as possible to the customer. You just need to choose the option for your product. Start a successful business today! The template will be connected on the day of order and will be ready to be filled with products.



How an online store template can affect conversion

Properly created visualization of the website and ease of management will hold the eyes of users, increase the number of registered visitors, subscriptions to promotional letters and newsletters. Therefore, the design of an online store directly affects the conversion.

The main points that website users pay attention to when they want to buy something:

  • ease of navigation;
  • quality pictures;
  • adaptive design.

Aspects that increase the conversion rate are the following:

  • original design of the website;
  • product price;
  • filling in the product description card;
  • terms of payment and transportation;
  • add. service (assembly, packaging);
  • loyalty system;
  • brand popularity;
  • good feedback.

How to increase usability

In turn, good usability affects the promotion of an online store in search engines. The behavioral model of the visitor is directly related to usability. This is manifested in the following characteristics:

  • the visitor spends a lot of time on the website;
  • bounce rate decreases. Not all users leave the page instantly;
  • viewing depth is increased. In one visit, the client views more pages;
  • visitors return to the resource more often.

Usability is affected by:

  • page loading speed;
  • availability of contacts;
  • concise external design;
  • readability;
  • texts must be written without spelling and punctuation errors;
  • adaptive design;
  • format of communication with clients;
  • form design with a minimum number of lines to fill.

Now in this segment of commerce, competition is increasing to obtain loyal customers. Therefore, for the speedy opening of a personal business, we advise you to order and buy online store templates. The price of the product is affordable.

Free Template

We recommend downloading the classic online store template for free. Connects to any tariff plan. Shapes the aesthetic appearance of your website. Suitable for any type of product, so it can be used for various product groups: healthy lifestyle, beauty, electrical engineering, smartphones, etc. Easy to integrate with any platform. Want to save time and money? An online store template will help you for free.

Versions of HTML online store templates

We offer our customers to order and buy five paid templates. The price is optimal. All of them are traditional.


A very popular and trendy online store HTML template. It can withstand from 10 thousand visits per day. Maintains high performance 24 hours a day. Works without crashes and freezes.

The price is minimal, since this is a completely finished product. Ordering and buying an online store template is easy. At the same time, you get both the site and its files for personal use with the right to transfer to another hosting.

The template includes the following popular product categories:

  • men's, women's, children's clothing;
  • shoes;
  • accessories.

Information on discounts and bonus programs is also issued. You can get acquainted with the novelties of the season.

The specified categories on any template can be changed to suit your type of business. They are included in the examples for better clarity. Any template can be chosen for any type of product, all our templates for online stores are universal.


The template for an online store includes the following categories:

  • Appliances;
  • televisions;
  • laptops;
  • games;
  • smartphones;
  • electric transport;
  • tablets;
  • accessories.

Here you can also read news, articles on certain topics. Find out information about discounts, bonus program.

Displaying 1000 products on 1 page of our online store template takes no more than 3 seconds. On other sites, this figure reaches 10 seconds or more.


The catalog consists of the following sections:

  • books;
  • electronics;
  • vitamins.

The most viewed products are indicated. The visitor can read the news, reviews of other buyers, find out what the price of a promotional product is.


The catalog template consists of the following categories:

  • technical things;
  • drones;
  • for traveling;
  • auto accessories;
  • waterproof products;
  • hiking equipment.

Pages load instantly. A clear interface helps the buyer to quickly make a choice.


Catalog template “Phones” consists of brands. This allows users to quickly navigate the menu and immediately select the brands of interest. The page with the list of products promotes conversions: large photos, convenient filters work for sales. Also on the page are blocks

  • with novelties;
  • recommended goods;
  • discounts;

What do you need to get started with templates?

The design of an online store should be beautiful on all types of devices. Perhaps this is only with initially high-quality layout. To do this, our company “SoloMono” has developed a Bootstrap online store template.

You do not need to think over the visual concept, draw up technical specifications, communicate with developers. You get 24/7 technical support. Our staff will advise you on how to order, buy and install an online store template. We will help you change the design, if necessary. We will not leave your functional questions unanswered.

First you need to order and buy the version you like for your product. The price will please. The design of the online store will be available in a couple of hours. It remains to fill the online store with products, and you can work.

What changes can be made to the template

Any HTML 5 online store template can be modified according to the needs of the owner. It can be:

  • adapt;
  • change the external design;
  • expand functionality;
  • change the page structure.

It is also possible to do programming with our templates for online stores. The website itself is also quickly updated as changes are made.

How to order an online store template

Just choose one of the templates, fill in the details, pay for the order (if it's a paid template) and enjoy the stylish design of your new online store.

We have been operating for 15 years. During this time, we have opened hundreds of online stores. You can contact us and order a product in several ways:

  • call our sales department or technical support. The consultant will be happy to answer you;
  • write an e-mail;
  • fill in the form fields on our website.