osCommerce Solomono edition

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New platform for creating online stores.
Our development team has revived the legendary osCommerce, improved it, added a wide range of modern modules. The result is the best platform for an online store. At least one of the best.

About osCommerce platform

If in Google translator you enter "osCommerce" then it will translate it simply as "online store", because osCommerce is a legend of online stores, it all started with it, it’s like “Xerox” and “Jeep”, - an established word that denotes a whole niche and about which you can write many volumes of books. At the beginning zero if someone did an online store, then he did it on osCommerce, because it was very functional and easy to use system.

Despite its success, in 2006, the osCommerce template began to lose popularity. Other promising platforms have appeared, and the legendary project was frozen and lost sight of. Therefore, our SoloMono team reanimated, updated, pumped and installed on the feet of this platform.

Why did we choose such a difficult path - to revive the prehistoric engine?

Isn't it easier to work with a modern CMS - system or write your own from scratch? Perhaps easier. But osCommerce Demo is so perfect there is no need to reinvent a second wheel. The platform has the correct file structure, an optimized database - just go and play. And the missing functionality that has appeared over the past decade has been added by our developers.

The engine also supports responsive design. Therefore, the online store developed on SoloMono oSc will be equally convenient for users of computers or laptops, and for owners of smartphones and tablets.

OsCommerce benefits


over 20,000 stores have been created on osCommerce


All loopholes for hackers have long been closed, security is high


A 17-year-old engine (time-tested) that many continue to use.
It withstands high loads better than others


This platform can be easily redesigned or adapted to new trends in website design and usability


osCommerce has a wide range of functionality at its core, and in addition - 7000 different modules in the community


osCommerce is a fast engine from which you can make anything from a landing page to an aggregator or a marketplace

OsCommerce templates - a guarantee of good sales

One of the criteria that directly affects the level of sales is the site loading speed. Therefore, the faster your site loads, the more chances that the client will stay and make a purchase, otherwise he can close the page without even examining the catalog. Our team has been working for several months to optimize queries, scripts and overall page loading speed. As a result, we achieved excellent results: CMS solomono turned out to be faster than other CMS online stores. We have carefully and without prejudice compared the speed of different platforms, the results of which can be seen in the table:

Testing was carried out as follows:
All CMS were posted on one local server with PHP 7 (MySQL 5.7) or PHP 5.6 (My SQL 5.6) parameters
PC parameters: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64, Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-4460CPU @ 3.2GHz 3.2GHz, RAM: 8 GB

After installing each cms and authorization in the admin panel, 1000 identical products were added to each tested platform - with an identical description and image.

Measurements were made 5 times for each CMS with updating the cache, after which the average value of the display time was recorded.

Comparison of functionality
Solomono 1.2 and osCommerce 2.3.4


Loading time
Loading 1,000 items with cache clearing
2.3 sec
3.0 sec
Google Page Speed (Mobile/Desktop)
Paid modules
Basic functionality (view all 77 modules)
Functionality (+77)
The total cost