Instructions - Products

Number of goods in stock

The client would like to have more information about the product before ordering: whether it is in stock, the pre-order for the product will apply, how many products are in stock.

The Solomono team has developed a convenient functionality for working with goods in your online store. Management is done through the administration panel: -> "Products" -> "Catalog":

When viewing products in the catalog, you will immediately have access to information about the balances in the warehouse of the current product, when you hover over the product itself, you will have access to control buttons, click on edit, after which you will go to the product management page, where you can, for example: set the balances by the specified product, if you set "0" or "-1" then your product will be displayed on the site as inactive, the "buy" button will be inaccessible and the inscription "Expected" will also be displayed on the product

Last updated on: 25/05/2023