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Module "Promo codes"

A promotional code is an electronic analogue of paper flyers and discount coupons containing a secret code inside: a word, numbers, a combination of symbols. The buyer is invited to use it when making a purchase in the basket, after which your promotional code will become available.
The promo code is essentially an additional discount on the product (which encourages the buyer to purchase).

The Solomono team has developed a convenient functionality for working with promotional codes, management is done through the administration panel: -> "Modules" -> "Promo codes"

By clicking on the "+" icon, you can add a new promo code:

In a new window, you need to fill in all the required fields, in all available languages, set the date of validity and save:

By clicking on the "letters" icon, you can send the coupon to email:

After selecting the recipient/recipients:

By clicking on the "pencil" icon, you have the opportunity to edit the current promo code:

And when you click on the "chart" icon, you can analyze the report for this promo code:

To enable the functionality for promotional codes, for display on the site, go to the administration panel: "Design" -> "Checkout" -> "Cart" -> "Show promotional code":

The client will be able to apply the promotional code when placing an order in the form:

Last updated on: 27/04/2023