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Module "Polls"

The module is designed to conduct online surveys, voting and questioning of site visitors. The module can be used to collect information about potential customers, when planning advertising campaigns, etc.

The Solomono team has developed a convenient functionality for working with the poll module in your online store.

Management is done through the administration panel: "Modules" -> "Polls"

By clicking on the "+" icon, you can create/add a new survey:

In a new window, you can select a specific category for surveys, or leave "All categories", add questions as many as you need:

You also have the opportunity to edit the current survey or delete rows that are no longer needed. In the "Public survey" column, you can make the survey available to all users (status - enabled), or only to registered users (status - disabled)

By clicking on the "Preview" icon - you have the opportunity to view a report with the results of votes / answers

To display the polls module on the site, you need to enable the status in the administration panel: "Design" -> "Blocks in the left column" -> "Polls"

Conclusion on the site for one survey option in the block, but with each page update, active questions change in a circle:

Last updated on: 25/04/2023