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Module "Order Total"

In order to improve the service of your online store, the Solomono team suggests that you use the "Total" modules when placing orders.

Standard "Total" Modules include:

  • Cost of goods
  • Discount country
  • Related Discount
  • Tax
  • Delivery
  • Discount on the selected payment method
  • Customer Discount
  • Low order cost
  • Total

"Total" modules are managed through the administration panel: -> "Modules" -> "Total order", where you can enable, edit/delete the modules you need in the "Action" column at your discretion. For some modules, such as "Cost of the ordered goods" and "Total" - editing is prohibited, they are mandatory.

In the column "Sort order" you can specify the output order of the required module in the form of the request:

In the "Action" column you have the option to:

  • edit the desired module:

where you can change the status, sorting, discount, and also see a tooltip when hovering over the “question mark” icon:

  •  remove module:

Also, if the module with free shipping is enabled, other delivery options will not work. That is, if you want to connect another delivery option, the module with free delivery must be turned off.

The Solomono team made sure that the client did not have to fill out a large order form. Today, this is one of the key factors due to which customers leave the basket without leaving a request for an order. Our company has developed a special module that allows you to modernize the ordering process by reducing the application fields to the most necessary ones.

Last updated on: 02/05/2023